A Day in the Life at Candlewood Fishing Camp: Overnight Summer Camps In Connecticut
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A Day in the Life at Candlewood Fishing Camp: Overnight Summer Camps In Connecticut

Welcome to Candlewood Fishing Camp, the ultimate outdoor adventure for young anglers and nature enthusiasts. Nestled in Connecticut's lush greenery, the camp has been offering extraordinary summer experiences since 2018, developing the love of fishing and nature in each camper.

The camp is beautifully situated on the shores of the magnificent Candlewood Lake, now going into its 6th year ( 2024 ) surrounded by towering trees and expansive terrain adorned with trails ready for young explorers. Not just a camp but a refreshing retreat away from the hustle-bustle of city life, it's the perfect place for children to forge a special bond with the great outdoors.

Every summer, the camp transforms into an energetic hub filled with laughter, learning, and life-changing memories. The staff, led by experienced Executive Director, Jed Wilson, create a friendly, welcoming, and nurturing environment. Both directors, with their 6 years in youth educational programs, foster a sense of camaraderie, confidence, and curiosity in young hearts.

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Candlewood has a winning team that prioritizes your child's safety and personal growth. The camp counselors, many of whom are former campers, carry the legacy of Candlewood in their hearts. They are passionate about sleepaway summer camp, fishing, outdoor exploration, and most importantly, nurturing the next generation of nature enthusiasts.

Proud owner Jed, strives to create a summer experience that doesn't just last for a season but instills a lifelong love for the wild in every child. With their shared vision, they believe Candlewood Fishing Camp helps to shape not just better anglers, but better individuals who appreciate the world's natural gifts.

Candlewood Fishing Camp isn't only about fishing—it's much more than that. It is a place for your child to experience the joys and challenges of sleepaway summer camps while developing an appreciable skill. We believe every child leaves our camp with a brighter spirit, a stronger connection to nature, and memories that last a lifetime.

Welcome to Candlewood Fishing Camp - where summer days are filled with sunshine, laughter, and the sound of casting fishing lines.

Daily Schedule and Activities at the Camp

A typical day at Candlewood begins bright and early. Much of the day is spent on outdoor activities, including an array of water sports. The afternoon is filled with swimming, beachfront activities, canoeing, fishing, environmental seminars, and cabin vs cabin competitions.

Fishing Experiences and Lessons Offered

At Candlewood, we prioritize experiential learning. Not once, but twice each day, your child will set out on guided fishing trips with our top area fishing guides and tournament anglers. They will have the opportunity to fish for smallmouth and largemouth bass. These adventures take place on Candlewood Lake, celebrated as one of Bassmaster Magazine’s Top 25 Best Lakes to Fish for Bass.

Outdoor Exploration and Nature Connection

Besides fishing and boating, the camp offers an invaluable connection with nature. Campers get to explore the great outdoors, immersing themselves in the exciting world of bass fishing, which is a deeply cherished American tradition. Especially on the two stunning lakes utilized by our camp, bass fishing thrives as an engaging, exhilarating activity. Campers learn about different types of fish, the most effective methods to catch them, and the importance of ethical catch-and-release practices, all while enjoying the scenic beauty of these world-class fishing destinations.

Facilities, Accommodations, and Safety

Campers will stay on Pine Island, sleeping in large tents on comfortable cots. Emphasizing both safety and simplicity, Candlewood maintains a tech-free environment, which lets campers take a break from their screens and truly enjoy their surroundings. The large tents are spacious and provide a cozy and comfortable sleeping space for campers to rest and recharge after a day filled with exciting activities. The cots are designed with comfort in mind, ensuring a good night's sleep for campers of all ages. The tech-free environment allows campers to disconnect from their devices and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature. Without the distractions of screens, campers can fully appreciate the sights and sounds of the camp, from the rustling of leaves to the chirping of birds. This intentional focus on simplicity and safety creates a peaceful and nurturing atmosphere where campers can truly connect with themselves, each other, and the natural world around them.

Testimonials from Previous Campers and Parents

  • My daughter loved Candlewood Fishing Camp!  She enjoyed the instruction, being outdoors with other kids and the week-long competition.  She can’t wait to go back next year!
  • Joie Cooney
  •  This camp is amazing for my son.  He came home happy and relaxed.  He made friends and most of all enjoyed his time at camp.  He has done other sleep away camps and this is his favorite!  I love how simple and chill the entire experience was for him and for me.  I highly recommend this camp!
  • Shari Greenleaf

Additional Recreational Activities and Social Interactions

Candlewood encourages campers for balanced living and a well-rounded personality. Swimming, canoeing, and beachfront activities are all integral parts of the camp experience. Cabin vs cabin competitions stir a healthy spirit of competitiveness and allow campers to build lifelong friendships.

Creating Lasting Memories

Candlewood Fishing Camp is not just about learning how to fish; it's about creating memories that will linger long after the summer sunshine has faded. Stories by the campfire, the laughter shared with new companions, and the thrill of the first catch - these are memories that will endure.

Candlewood offers an opportunity for children to experience the joys and challenges of a sleepaway summer camp while refining their angling skills. A summer at Candlewood Fishing Camp is a summer well-spent, a season of growth and unforgettable memories. We invite you to consider this transformative experience for your child.

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