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Adventure Awaits - Why send your kids to an adventure camp?

Posted by Mariah Swigart on Apr 30, 2019 12:13:52 PM
Mariah Swigart

In today’s world of modern technology, children need an extra push to enjoy and find adventure in the outdoors. That is where adventurous summer camps can be a vital part of childhood development.  These adventure-based summer camps build the focus, confidence, and sportsmanship in kids which is best learned through practice. Here’s how such outdoor adventure camps accomplish growth and make a monumental impact in the campers. 

Confront Challenges

At adventure-based camps, the campers are introduced to challenges not normally exposed to in their day to day life. The kids who participate in these activities overcome the tasks by learning to use their mental and physical strength. They also practice the skills which can effectively get them out of difficult situations. While teaching your children these important life skills, your child’s coordination and focus increases. Consequently, when overcoming challenges, children’s’ confidence soars and they can leave the camp with memories of victory that will lead them into the following year. 



Build Teamwork 

Hearing encouraging words and cheers are a regular part of a day at a great outdoor camp. Team work and relationships are the foundation of accepting challenges and reaching new goals. Games, activities, difficult tasks, and conversations are centered around a community of support. To build strong relationships, team building lessons and challenges are orchestrated by the camp staff.  As part of their mission, adventure summer camps maintain and grow a community which is welcoming and supportive in order to achieve the most growth from their campers.

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Safety Successfully

Before you write off outdoor adventure camps as unsafe for your children, think about the cost if they do not develop the skills needed for high risk or emergency situations. Adventure and outdoor camps teach your child how to be safe during any activity, especially those outdoors.




Adventures summer camps provide the campers with lessons specific to developing survival skills they may not receive at other camps. Experienced and dedicated camp counselors teach your child the skills to assess risk management. Other lessons such as outdoor survival, activities with heights, map reading, team building, cooking and many more lifelong skills are taught in a way that ensures your child is learning important lessons as well as having a blast.


Excellent Staff

In today’s world, positive role models are vitally important to your child. Part of any great summer camp is the staff. The camp staff motivates and shapes the camp into an uplifting community. The leaders of the camp build and teach assorted life skills, sports, and character traits.  In the process the camp counselors become positive role models for the campers. Such role models can make an impact in your child’s life that they will always remember.



Choosing the Challenge

Choosing a summer camp location for your kids that is fun and keeps them excited throughout the summer can be hard to find. Camps With Friends has a wide list of excellent summer camps to make this decision easier. One partner of CWF is a highlighted adventure camp in Boulder, Colorado named Avid4 Adventure. An uplifting community, trained coaches, and a wide range of sports makes Avid4 Adventure an excellent choice for an outdoor and adventure-based children’s camp.


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