Top 10 Great After-School Activities for Tweens
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Top 10 Great After-School Activities for Tweens

Children between the age-group of 10-12 are quite special. These youngsters are no longer the little kids they used to be, but they are still waiting to be teenagers. Owing to their awkward position and transition period, they have earned the "tween" nickname.

At this crucial developing stage, these young individuals define their identities, carve out their interests and explore the world around them. They meet new people and try new activities and experiences that thrill them. While still exploring their identities, tweens are eager to undertake greater responsibility and expand their horizons out of school and home. They may have a plethora of interests that might be instrumental in positively shaping their personalities. If you are eager to help your tweens discover great after-school activities that might be relevant to their developmental process, read on.

Our after-school activities for tweens guide covers the following areas that will help!

  • Parental Guide for Tweens
  • Top 10 After-School Activity Ideas for Tweens 

So without any further adieu, let's get started.  

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Parental Guide for Tweens

Preadolescent children are no longer the same individuals they were a year or two before. Physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially, they have transformed. They may even want to test the boundaries that their parents have set for them as they become more independent.

As a result, parents should not feel rejected or depressed about their kids' behavioral changes. Instead, they should help them discover their newly found interests by encouraging them and guiding them.

Here are a few things parents should consider while helping their tweens.

  • Set a special time with your tweens: 

It is often quite challenging to start a conversation with a tween, but when you set aside a quality time and give them undivided attention, they might want to open up to you about their new interests, hobbies and even their life challenges. You might get an opportunity to know your kid better than ever. Having one-on-one at least twice a week is crucial. Use this time to determine what after-school activities for tweens might be appropriate for them!

  • Use the indirect approach:

You can't throw direct questions at your tweens. They may feel you are too intrusive or trying to invade their private space. It would be best to try the indirect approach. Carpet-bombing them with questions isn't an effective approach. Just act as the listener and listen to what your child is saying without any questions. Empathize with them and advise them how to solve their conundrums. They might trust you with everything.

  • Don't judge them:

At this crucial stage, tweens are extremely sensitive to judgmental looks or comments. Try not to judge your child's new interests. Give them a chance to discover and experiment with new things and unleash their potential to the fullest!

Top 10 After-School Activities for Tweens

Now that you know how to approach your tweens about their newly found interests and hobbies, here are our top 10 after school activities for tweens. Take a look:

  1. Sports: Sports are the best for expelling extra boosts of tween energy. Fortunately, both boys and girls can participate in a variety of sports all year long. They may attract tweens the most because each new season offers the chance to explore a new hobby. Sport activities may also assist tweens in developing stamina, self-assurance, and sportsmanship.
  1. Performing Arts: Is your kid a born actor? Think about encouraging them to pursue performing arts through chorus, theater, comedy, or dance. Even if your child flinches in front of people, you should still count on performing arts for them. Kids who do not feel comfortable while performing in front of an audience can find possibilities backstage until they develop the confidence to conquer the stage.
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  1. Music and arts: Tweens frequently experience embarrassing bodily and expressive changes due to voice changes and growth spurts. Music and painting are outlets that allow kids to channel their creative energy and expression via their hands and minds when everything else seems to be spiraling out of control.
  1. Volunteering: There is one of the best after-school activities for tweens. Enrolling your kids in volunteer programs at local community centers may help them create a positive impact, and gain a sense of accomplishment.
  1. Tutoring: If your tween excels in a particular topic, he or she can mentor friends or younger pupils to develop the art of teaching, patience and compassion. Even highly accomplished students gain a greater understanding of the subject by tutoring others.
  1. Join Clubs: Clubs give youngsters the chance to interact, develop their academic skills, and share interests—all crucial activities for tweens. They are no longer just restricted to reading, chess, and debate clubs. Many clubs are small business experiences that take kids from simple ideas to create, design, construction, and launch of actual products.
  1. Gardening: If your tween has a green thumb, give them your backyard or a little gardening space where they can practice gardening. It might help them step into the natural world, get close to nature, and get rid of that fancy gadget addiction.
  1. Scouting: Scouting is an after-school activity for both boys and girls that offers something interesting every week. Scouts acquire a variety of fascinating and practical skills, which they subsequently put into practice either in groups or on their own. Scouting cultivates leadership qualities. They take on leadership roles for the direction, planning, and successful execution of activities.
  1. Reading: An after-school activity that works in any weather or setting is reading for leisure. Reading expands your tween's horizons, helps them learn new words and phrases, and takes them on exciting experiences. Best of all, it does so without them spending money or making travel arrangements!
  1. Writing: If your tween takes fondness in writing or perhaps is shy to express feelings, you could encourage them to write their feelings in a diary, poetry or even express it in a form of story. Who knows, your tween might just be on the way to become the next J.K Rowling!

Final Thoughts

We hope this parental guide and top 10 ideas for after-school activities for tweens was exactly what you were looking for! Remember, tweens are at a sensitive and crucial age. They are fine tuning their development and entering a whole new era! Talk to your tweens about their favorite after-school activities and accelerate their self-discovery process.

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