Camp Kesem, empowering the next generation.
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Camp Kesem, empowering the next generation.

Camp Kesem is a network of free summer camps for children who have been affected by a parent’s cancer. Through these camps, children gain a supportive peer network and a safe place to just be kids and have fun. At Camp Kesem, campers learn more about coping with their emotions, develop a support network, and have a fun and meaningful camping experience.

Camp Kesem chapters are entirely run by college student leaders, who are employed and trained by the Camp Kesem National Office. The student leader team typically consists of a Camp Director and Assistant Directors, who are responsible for overseeing the planning and execution of the camp, as well as additional staff who serve as Mentors, Unit Leaders, and/or Counselors.

Camp Kesem has a set of Core Values that guide its operations and programs. These values include belonging and community, courage, imagination, integrity, and passion.

Where are Camp Kesem summer camps located?

Camp Kesem summer camps are located in 45 states across the United States. There are over 100 Camp Kesem sites located at colleges and universities throughout the country. For a full list of Camp Kesem sites and locations, please visit their website at

What is the Camp Kesem challenge?

Camp Kesem is a national college-supported summer camp program that supports children through and beyond their parent's cancer journey. Each year, Camp Kesem hosts the Camp Kesem Challenge which is a nationwide effort to raise awareness and funds in support of our mission. Each fall, teams of college students and alumni come together to collect donations and take part in activities such as 3K runs and 5K walks. Funds raised through the Challenge support free summer camps for kids of parents with cancer.

What is Camp Kesem’s impact on the community?

Camp Kesem has made a positive impact on the communities it serves by providing children affected by a parent's cancer with an accepting and safe environment and a supportive community. Campers are able to share experiences with their peers and gain support from trained counselors and camp staff. Through its student leader internship program, Camp Kesem also provides college students with an opportunity to become leaders in the local communities they serve. By fostering a supportive camp environment, Camp Kesem helps to create a lasting legacy of support for children and young adults whose lives have been affected by a cancer diagnosis.

How can people find out more about Camp Kesem's programs and camps?

People can find out more about Camp Kesem programs and camps by visiting their website ( The website includes a detailed description of the programs and camps offered, how to apply and how to donate. There is also a list of upcoming events, a blog with updates and stories from campers, and a discussion section. Additionally, people can follow Camp Kesem on social media to stay up to date with the latest news, events, and activities.

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