Join Camps With Friends Beta & Change Summer Camp Listings Forever!
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Join Camps With Friends Beta & Change Summer Camp Listings Forever!

One thing's for sure: it's been a memorable camp season.

We always look forward to this time of year and the exciting new experiences it brings.  Our nation's 2020 summer camps were no exception. 

However—this year more than ever—parents leaned heavily on tools like online summer camp listings (perhaps in a local or national summer camp directory).  If you've struggled to get the word out or find the camp you like amid the confusion and uncertainty of the 2020 summer camp season, you're not alone. And there's no better time to prepare for next year than right now.

Parents need an accurate and complete list of summer camps in their area to find the best summer camps for their children. Camp owners use free and paid internet listings to spread the word about their camp efficiently and gain access to interested families. 

The traditional issue with these listings is that they depend on one of two things: either the volunteer efforts of local websites and parent groups or paid listing opportunities through a national publication.

Camps With Friends Will Change Summer Camp Listings Forever.

Camps With Friends aims to change the paradigm. We’re launching a mobile app that will make things easier for both parents and owners in camp communities all across the USA—especially in a time when internet-based resources have proven to be so critical!

  • FOR CAMPS: Our completely free partner program allows all camps from Atlantic to Pacific to sign up without any fees. We’ve already got over 1,000 camps onboard across 150+ categories. We’ll provide your camp with space for a detailed profile and description, links, pictures, and even a free contributor spot on our blog.
  • FOR FAMILIES: Parents can download the app to quickly and easily filter summer camp listings by all sorts of variables: age range, location, day vs. overnight, activities or interest areas, etc.  It will also allow families to connect with other families through the app. Find or invite friends to go to camp with you, discuss the timing of the trip, and arrange the details.

Live Beta Testing Is Open! Give It a Try.

Our team is excited to launch the live beta test for the Camps With Friends app. It’s easy for partners and parents to sign up instantly right here and get started exploring the early stages of our product.

“Beta testing? What’s that?” 

A beta test is a limited-time event in which a community—sometimes limited, sometimes broad—is welcomed to test a product, for free, before it’s finished and released in its final form. Our app is well into its design process, but it’s not 100% finalized. 


This testing period will help us see how people like it, what’s working well, what’s not, and where it needs to go before we launch it for real. We’re interested in hearing from partners and parents in the test, so we can learn how things are going on both the family-side and on the camp-side of things.

Through your valuable feedback, you’ll get the opportunity to influence the app as well as all future products. The Camps With Friends team is passionate about helping people find cool summer camps, and we want the app to reflect the real needs and desires of its users.  

In fact, Camps With Friends was born from need. Our founder couldn’t find a suitable solution while looking for the best summer camps for his kids—so he set out to fix the problem.  This is your chance to help it become a reality. When you sign up, we’ll give you a short series of missions that each take only a couple of minutes to complete. With the feedback from beta testing, we’ll improve and optimize the Camps With Friends experience.

Come on in. It’s simple! It’s quick! We’ll listen! And you’ll love the final product.

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