Cherry Creek State Park's Hidden Treasure: Nature Explorations with Rising Sun Kids
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Cherry Creek State Park's Hidden Treasure: Nature Explorations with Rising Sun Kids

Dive into an exciting realm where play meets purpose at Cherry Creek State Park's Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp, a nurturing haven meticulously sculpted to foster growth, discovery, and joyous laughter. Crafted by the innovative spirit and compassionate heart of Roxanne Warner, Rising Sun Kids isn't just a camp—it's a vibrant community where each child's potential is recognized, cherished, and given the space to expand under the Colorado sky.

Roxanne Warner, a pioneer in educational enrichment, founded Rising Sun Kids with a vision that transcends the conventional day camp model. Drawing from her extensive background in childhood development and her innate passion for the great outdoors, Roxanne has curated an environment where nature's classroom offers limitless lessons in resilience, teamwork, and ecological stewardship. Each program, activity, and mission at Rising Sun Kids embodies Roxanne's dedication to empowering young minds, ensuring every camper leaves with not just fond memories, but skills and friendships that last a lifetime.

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At Rising Sun Kids, we treasure the magic of childhood exploration and the transformative power of supportive communities. Here, your child will embark on a journey filled with engaging adventures, from lakeside science expeditions to creative art projects, all while being guided by Roxanne's philosophy that learning should spark joy and incite curiosity.

Partnering with Camps With Friends, a platform synonymous with simplicity, reliability, and heartfelt connections, we extend an invitation to you and your child to join a summer experience that's anything but ordinary. Just as we've streamlined every step of the camp selection process, Roxanne Warner has refined and revolutionized what a day camp can be, ensuring Rising Sun Kids stands as a beacon of innovative, child-centered exploration.

Prepare for your child to discover not just the wonders of Cherry Creek State Park through Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp, but to also uncover their own potential, passions, and power to make lasting friendships. Let this summer be the chapter where adventures abound, learning knows no bounds, and memories are made to be cherished forever.

Your Day Camp Highlights Include:

  • Morning Yoga and Mindfulness: Greet the Colorado sun with serenity and balance, embracing the day with positivity.

  • Adventure and Exploration: Every trail in Cherry Creek State Park is a path to new discoveries, awakening a sense of wonder in every camper.

  • Eco-Warriors in Training: Interactive lessons and fun activities instill a love and respect for the environment, shaping young stewards of the earth.

  • Water-Based Fun and Learning: Dip into learning with water sports like kayaking and canoeing, designed to teach teamwork and ecological mindfulness.

  • Creative Connections: From crafts to team challenges, our activities are catalysts for creativity, collaboration, and the joys of newfound friendships.

Why Choose Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp?

Choosing the perfect camp experience should be effortless. At Camps With Friends, we ensure that Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp stands out not just for its enriching programs, but also for the simplicity with which you can secure a place for your child:

  • Effortless Booking: A few easy clicks on our user-centric platform, and your child's summer adventure is set!

  • Caring Professionals: Meet our dedicated team, a group of passionate educators and enthusiasts ready to welcome your child.

  • Lifetime Memories: Watch your child flourish as they forge connections with nature and new friends under the beautiful Colorado sky.

Step into the embracing warmth of summer at Cherry Creek State Park, an oasis of exploration that promises more than just a backdrop for Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp. Here, every trail whispers tales of adventure, each ripple on the lake sings of discoveries, and the canopy above rustles with the sounds of laughter and camaraderie. This vibrant, natural playground stands as a cornerstone of our community, offering a sanctuary where children can not only learn about the wonders of the natural world but also about themselves and their place within it.

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At Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp, nestled in the heart of this beautiful park, we understand that the essence of a fulfilling summer lies in the experiences that spark a lifelong curiosity and a sense of belonging. It's where every activity, from kayaking across shimmering waters to crafting under the shade of towering trees, is an avenue for growth, creativity, and fostering friendships. This is the spirit that infuses Cherry Creek State Park, making it not just a location, but a partner in our mission to provide a summer that's memorable for its joy, learning, and shared adventures.

Recognizing the invaluable role day camps like Rising Sun Kids play in our communities is pivotal. They are far more than a seasonal engagement; they're building blocks for a supportive, vibrant community fabric. Day camps provide children with a unique setting to develop social skills, resilience, and an appreciation for the environment, laying down the groundwork for well-rounded individuals who carry these lessons into the wider world. For parents and guardians, they offer peace of mind, knowing their children are in a nurturing environment that echoes their values of growth, discovery, and joy.

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Camps With Friends makes navigating the array of enriching experiences at your fingertips as simple and friendly as a summer breeze. With us, embarking on the journey to secure a place for your child at Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp is effortless, ensuring you can focus on what's important—the smiles, the stories, and the splendid memories they'll bring home every day.

This summer, let Cherry Creek State Park be the canvas for your child’s adventures, painted with the vibrant colors of friendship, learning, and endless fun. Here, at Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp, every day is an opportunity to connect, grow, and celebrate the magic of childhood against the backdrop of Colorado's natural beauty.

Join us, and let's co-create the kind of summer that resonates through a lifetime, blending the wonders of nature with the innovative, enriching experiences that every child deserves. Secure your spot now, and let us turn anticipation into treasured memories. Welcome to a summer where adventure abounds, connections deepen, and laughter fills the air. Welcome to Rising Sun Kids Summer Camp.