Choosing the Right Creative Camp: An Essential Guide for Parents
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Choosing the Right Creative Camp: An Essential Guide for Parents

Embarking on the enchanting journey to find the perfect summer haven for your blossoming artist, thespian, or filmmaker? Feast your eyes upon the treasure map that will guide you to the X that marks the spot: Long Lake Camp for the Arts, where dreams skip along the sun-dappled waves of creativity and leap into reality!

Crafting Your Child's Summer Masterpiece

At Long Lake, we believe the world's a stage—and your child, the star of their own summer symphony. Here's how you can orchestrate a custom schedule as special as your young maestro's imaginative melody.

Our Programs

Prepare for a kaleidoscope of creative ventures with these vibrant threads your little virtuoso can weave into their canvas of summer memories!

Theater: The World Is Their Stage

Imagine your child, poised on the cusp of confidence, unraveling the mysteries of expression on stage with our Theater program. For more insights, discover the transformative power of performing arts summer camp at Long Lake.

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Fine Arts: Brushstrokes of Genius

Trust in the magic of Fine Arts, where easels become gateways to new worlds crafted by the delicate dance of bristles and hues. Uncover 25 reasons to choose a fine arts summer camp like Long Lake.

Music: Unleashing Harmonic Wonders

Can you hear the crescendo of opportunity? Dive deeper into the impact of music camps on child development.

Dance: A Leap of Joy

Twirl into the heart of rhythm with Dance, exploring how dance camps foster self-expression.

Circus: The Thrill of Possibilities

Under the big top of our Circus program, your child will juggle wonder and agility, soaring to new heights.

Rock Bands: A Symphony of Synergy

In the electric buzz of Rock Bands, collaboration and individual flair merge into a symphony of synergy.

Film: Capturing Dreams, Frame by Frame

Dive into the director's chair with Film, where young visionaries direct their narratives. Embark on a journey at film camps.

Improv: The Art of Spontaneity

Through the unpredictable winds of Improv, witness your child think on their feet, sharpening their wit.

Technical Theater: Behind the Magic

Peer behind the curtains with Technical Theater, unveiling the alchemy that turns raw space into worlds of fantasy.

Musical Theater: The Harmony of Theatrics

Let your child's talent take center stage in Musical Theater, where song, dance, and story meld into a medley.

Fine Arts Camp

Acting: Carving Characters from Dreams

In the crucible of Acting, the raw ore of potential is smelted into the gold of unparalleled skill.

Performing Arts: A Collage of Expression

The broad umbrella of Performing Arts beckons, inviting exploration across disciplines.

But Wait, There's Even More Magic!

Land Sports: The Pulse of Adventure

Venture forth into Land Sports where the spirit of teamwork and joy of healthy competition thrive.

Watersports: Splashes of Excitement

And don't forget the vivid streaks of Watersports, where the lake becomes a canvas for aquatic adventures.

At Long Lake Camp for the Arts, we pledge more than a bouquet of offerings. We provide the fertile soil for your child to plant their dreams and the nurturing environment to see them bloom—a place where they not only discover their artistic selves but embrace the highest art there is—the Art Of Living.

So, here’s to the summer ahead—a vibrant, unforgettable story just waiting to be written by your child. Join us, and let the pages flutter in the breeze of boundless possibility! Explore New York summer camps for more options, ensuring your child's creative aspirations are met with the perfect balance of fun and learning.

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