Nurturing Tomorrow's Stars Today: Explore Long Lake Performing Arts Camp
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Nurturing Tomorrow's Stars Today: Explore Long Lake Performing Arts Camp

Experience the magic of Long Lake Camp for The Arts - where children's creativity blossoms through theater, music, dance, and more.

In a world overflowing with untapped talent and burgeoning creativity, there exists a haven where these nascent dreams are nurtured and given wings to soar. Welcome to Long Lake Camp for The Arts, a unique convergence of nature’s tranquility and the vibrant world of the performing arts. It’s here that tomorrow's stars find their footing, embarking on a journey filled with self-discovery, endless creativity, and the joys of youth.

The Unique Blend That is Long Lake Camp for The Arts

At the heart of the picturesque Adirondacks, Long Lake Camp for The Arts stands as a beacon of artistic endeavor and personal growth. Unlike any other, this camp offers children a perfect medley of performing arts disciplines - from theater to music, dance to fine arts, and even the captivating realms of circus and filmmaking. Imagine a place where your child can dance under the canopy of green, serenade the setting sun, or tread the boards with confidence; Long Lake is that magical reality.

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What sets Long Lake apart is its deeply embedded philosophy that every child’s interests and talents are unique. With a 100% customizable schedule, your child is empowered to explore their passions without bounds, guided by mentors whose expertise is only matched by their passion for teaching.

A Day in the Life at Long Lake Camp: Emma's Performing Arts Adventure

Dawn peeks through the curtains at Long Lake Camp, and by 7:30 AM, the symphony of nature gently awakens our campers. Emma, a vivacious 13-year-old with a passion for the spotlight, is one of them. For her, every day is a new canvas, waiting to be painted with the melodies of music, the grace of dance, and the thrill of watersports.

As Emma joins her friends for a wholesome breakfast at 8:00 AM, the dining hall buzzes with anticipation. It’s not just the start of a new day but the beginning of another adventure in a world where creativity has no ceiling.

After they've fueled up, Emma and her camp comrades gather for the Morning Meeting at 9:00 AM. Here, they're briefed on the day's palette of possibilities. Camp is all about choice, and Emma's day-to-day masterpiece of activities reflects just that.

  • Act One: The Stage Awaits

From 9:15 AM, she's immersed in rehearsals for 'Les Miserables,' her voice joining the chorus that echoes through the pines. In harmony with her peers, Emma’s mornings are a deep dive into character and camaraderie.

  • Intermission: Recharging Creativity

When the clock strikes 12:15 PM, it's time for a midday interlude. Emma and her friends refuel with lunch and enjoy a restful hour, where laughter and stories weave together as they relax and unwind.

  • Act Two: Fine-Tuning the Inner Virtuoso

The afternoon brings a crescendo of personalized activities. At 1:45 PM, a quick meeting reminds Emma of her afternoon options, crystallizing her plans. By 2:00 PM, she's in a private vocal session, her voice soaring as she learns "Adele's Someone Like You" – a challenge she relishes.


  • The Aquatic Interlude

By 3:00 PM, Emma's stage becomes the glistening lake as she perfects her waterskiing, the thrill of the water refreshing her spirit and energizing her for the acts to come.

Post snack time at 4:00 PM, Emma's dedication to dance takes center stage. Two consecutive hours of dance show rehearsal from 4:15 PM mold her movements into expressions of pure joy and artistry.

  • Dusk: The Curtain Falls on Daytime

With the day’s rehearsals concluded and a hearty dinner savored by 7:00 PM, Emma’s evening is a tapestry of relaxation and entertainment. It’s time for the canteen, evening cruises, or simply enjoying the tranquility of the lake on the swings.

  • Twilight: The Campfire Glow

As stars sprinkle the sky, Long Lake comes alive with the glow of bonfires and a cornucopia of performances – from rock concerts to chamber music, from movie nights to showcase evenings. Emma’s days culminate in a celebration of community and the arts.

  • Finale: A Goodnight's Dream

By 9:30 PM, Emma returns to the comfort of her bunk, her heart full of the day's escapades. As the lights dim at 10:00 PM, she drifts off to sleep, already dreaming of tomorrow’s adventures.

At Long Lake Camp, we recognize that each camper, like Emma, is the author of their own unique story. We weave the innovative thread of autonomy into the fabric of camp life, ensuring a balance between structure and choice, and between activity and relaxation. With over 60 activities to select from every day, the potential for joy and growth is boundless.

Beyond the Stage

But the experience at Long Lake Camp for The Arts transcends the applause and the spotlight. Here, children learn the core values of empathy, leadership, and resilience. They return home not just as more proficient artists but as well-rounded individuals ready to make their mark on the world.

The Heart of Long Lake: Our Community

At Long Lake, we pride ourselves on creating a welcoming, inclusive community where lasting memories are made. It’s a place where summers are synonymous with laughter, discoveries, and the pure joy of making art. And as part of this community, your child is not just enrolling in a camp; they are joining a family that champions each other's successes and provides a support network that endures beyond the camp’s boundaries.

Join Us This Summer

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This summer, let’s nurture tomorrow’s stars together. Let the magic of Long Lake Camp for The Arts be the canvas for your child’s brightest future. Dive into a world where creativity knows no bounds—an adventure awaits.

Discover more, connect with us, and begin your child’s transformative journey at Long Lake Camp for The Arts. Because at Camps With Friends, we believe every child deserves a stage to shine.

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