Embracing Diversity: The Heart of Sleepaway Summer Camps
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Embracing Diversity: The Heart of Sleepaway Summer Camps

In a world that often feels like it's speaking in a language of labels and limitations, Odyssey Teen Camp (OTC) emerges as a sanctuary of boundless expression and unconditional acceptance. Nestled in the heart of nature's majesty, OTC is not just a camp; it's a transformative journey for teens aged 13-18, especially those who identify as LGBTQ+, gamers, goths, geeks, artists, and activists. Here, amid the lush greens of the Berkshire mountains, we've created a magical realm where the only label that sticks is 'uniquely you'.

Our mission is to illuminate the path of self-discovery, empowering our campers to embrace their full spectrum of vibrant colors. With a compassionate and nurturing spirit, we invite you to a summer experience filled with laughter, new friendships, and the joy of learning away from the digital glare. At OTC, every activity, conversation, and shared moment is rooted in inclusivity, acceptance, and personal growth. So, if you're ready to explore, express, and celebrate your individuality in an environment that champions diversity and champions your journey, welcome to Odyssey Teen Camp—where every teen is seen, safe, and celebrated.

Nourish Body and Soul: The Cookie Hall Experience

Commune at the Cookie Hall, where each meal is a vibrant celebration of taste and fellowship. The diverse array delights cater to every palatable preference, a metaphor for our inclusive spirit.

Unleash Your Artistic Spirit: Creativity at the Art Hut

Forge your path of self-expression in our Art Hut, where the only limit is your imagination. Embrace the DIY ethos and watch as your inner artist paints the camp with the colors of your soul.

Dance, Move, and Be Free: Barefoot Ballroom and Beyond

In the Barefoot Ballroom, let go and let the rhythm move you. This transformative space is for more than just dance—it's a canvas for your bright essence and a sanctuary for growth and self-reflection.

Your Stage to Shine: Amphitheater Nights

Revel in the spotlight or cheer from the benches in our Amphitheater, where every teen's talent is a testament to the wondrous diversity we champion.

Rustic Retreats: Cabins and Lakeside Dreams

Rest and recharge in our rustic cabins—nurturing nests that stand for self-care and community. Wake up to the lullabies of the lake, welcoming you to a day of possibility.

A Tapestry of Growth: A Legacy of Love and Kindness

Adam Simon, our founder, planted a seed of transformative kindness. Witness how his vision has blossomed into a life-changing oasis, a legacy embroidered with the joys of an accepting summer home.

Dive into Discovery: Unique Programming for Unique You

Our one-of-a-kind programming is a treasure chest of experiences—each activity a pearl that enhances your uniqueness. Discover, laugh, and grow in the safety of our nurturing camp.

The Unconventional Utopia: Activities That Celebrate You

From Fairy Houses to Car Maintenance, OTC's uniqueness lies in the wealth of experiences that honor you. Don't just think outside the box—recycle it into a crown of individualism and wear it proudly.

Choosing a summer camp is a big decision, and we're here to help it feel a bit less daunting. The Parents' Guide to Summer Camp is an essential resource for navigating this exciting journey.

Curious about the broader benefits of summer camp? Discover the power of summer camp with us and see why places like Odyssey Teen Camp are more than just a getaway; they're a transformative experience for teens.

Thank you for considering Odyssey Teen Camp, where every summer is an opportunity to explore, grow, and embrace the joy of being who you are.

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