Jameson Ranch Camp's Summer Adventures in California
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Jameson Ranch Camp's Summer Adventures in California


Jameson Ranch Camp is located on over 500 acres of pristine wilderness in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Central California. Surrounded by lush forests, rolling hills, and panoramic mountain views, the camp provides the perfect backdrop for unforgettable summers.

With roots going back over 50 years, Jameson Ranch Camp has a long legacy of creating enriching experiences for children and families. Jameson Ranch Camp was founded in 1934 by Roderick and Virginia Jameson on Tejon Pass.  Their program for “wayward” boys established the foundation of the JRC program as a year-round education and character-building establishment.  

The program moved to the Greenhorn mountains, where it resides today on the original Jameson Family Homestead founded in the late 1800s.  With the help and knowledge of Rod’s wife, Catherine, JRC became a summer camp, teaching campers the value of hard work, outdoor fun, and lifelong friendships.  From then to now, JRC has impacted the lives of thousands of campers across the years; attendees come back to visit and see the projects they built, remembering the life-changing experiences that led them down life paths to places undreamed.  That tradition continues today with Rod and Catherine’s granddaughter, Erica, at the helm.

The camp's philosophy emphasizes building self-confidence, developing new skills, appreciating nature, and making lasting friendships. With a talented staff and low camper-to-counselor ratio, Jameson Ranch Camp offers individualized guidance tailored to each child. Campers are encouraged to challenge themselves while supported in a safe, inclusive environment. Whether it's their first time away from home or they're returning campers, children thrive during their stay at Jameson Ranch Camp.

Activities for Adventure

Jameson Ranch Camp offers a wide variety of exciting activities for campers to experience. One of the highlights is the horseback riding and equestrian programs. Campers can take beginner to advanced lessons in their state-of-the-art riding facilities, learning everything from proper riding technique to horse care and grooming. For the more adventurous, campers can go on scenic trail rides and overnight pack trips on horseback.

In addition to horseback riding, Jameson Ranch Camp has extensive waterfront activities. Campers can swim, kayak, canoe, and more on the camp's private lake. Certified lifeguards supervise all water activities. Fishing is another popular water activity, with campers able to fish for bass, trout, and catfish in the stocked lake.

Beyond horseback riding and water sports, Jameson Ranch Camp offers adventure programming to thrill campers. There are archery and riflery ranges where campers learn safety and marksmanship. Mountain biking and skateboarding on the camp's trails provide a rush of adrenaline. For the ultimate adventure experience, campers can go on hiking and backpacking trips in the surrounding nature areas. With so many exciting activities, campers will never have a dull moment at Jameson Ranch Camp!

A Nurturing Community

Jameson Ranch Camp fosters a warm, supportive environment where campers can feel at home. With a focus on community, the camp prioritizes health, safety, and emotional wellbeing.

Caring and Qualified Staff

The camp directors handpick a remarkable staff of counselors who create meaningful bonds with campers while serving as mentors and role models. All staff undergo extensive training and background checks prior to the summer. The camp maintains a low camper-to-staff ratio of approximately 6:1, allowing for highly personalized guidance. Counselors are chosen for their energy, empathy, and commitment to nurturing campers' growth.

Rigorous Health and Safety Protocols

Safety is paramount at Jameson Ranch Camp. The facilities meet the highest standards, with 24/7 supervision and state-of-the-art security systems. The camp has an immaculate health center run by experienced medical staff to care for any illnesses or injuries. Jameson Ranch follows strict COVID-19 safety policies aligned with CDC guidelines.

Promoting Emotional Wellbeing

In addition to physical health, Jameson Ranch emphasizes psychological and emotional wellness. Counselors are alert to signs of homesickness and work to boost campers' confidence and independence. Group activities teach cooperation, conflict resolution, and social skills. Every child is treated with compassion and respect.

Jameson Ranch Camp offers the perfect blend of adventure and nurturing care. Campers thrive in an environment tailor-made for safety, personal growth, and lasting friendships.

Accommodations and Amenities

Jameson Ranch Camp has excellent facilities and accommodations designed to make each camper's stay fun, comfortable, and memorable. Campers stay in cozy log cabins that have bunk beds and are grouped by age and gender. Each cabin has dedicated counselors who help campers feel at home.

The camp's rustic dining hall serves delicious and nutritious meals three times a day. Options are available for various dietary needs including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and more. Camp-cooked favorites like burgers, pasta, and pancakes are always a hit! The giant campfire circle is the place for camp songs, skits, and s'mores after dinner.

Other amenities at Jameson Ranch Camp include:

With its beautiful natural setting and range of facilities, Jameson Ranch Camp provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable summer camp experience. Campers will make lifelong memories as they live, laugh, and play together.

Making Memories

The evenings at Jameson Ranch Camp are filled with activities designed to bring the camp community together and create lifelong memories. After dinner, campers participate in programs like campfires, skits, dances, and special theme nights.

A favorite nightly tradition is the campfire singalong, where campers and staff come together around a crackling fire to share songs, stories, and laughs. Skit night gives campers a chance to showcase their creativity and perform hilarious skits written during the day. For the annual Jameson's Got Talent show, campers take the stage to impress the audience with their secret talents.

Other evenings are dedicated to camp-wide games, carnivals, and dances under the stars. For Western Night, campers dress up in their best cowboy and cowgirl outfits for line dancing and mechanical bull rides. On Superhero Night, everyone dresses up as their favorite superhero and uses their "powers" in games and activities.

No matter the evening activity, the focus is on building friendships, expressing creativity, and making memories to cherish for a lifetime. Campers leave each summer with stronger bonds, greater confidence, and a newfound sense of adventure.

Skill Building at Jameson Ranch Camp

Jameson Ranch Camp focuses on helping campers build vital skills during their time at camp. Our programs are designed to foster leadership, creativity, and life skills in a fun, engaging environment.

Leadership Training

We provide specialized leadership training to campers interested in developing their skills. Our teen leadership program allows older campers to take on added responsibility as camp counselors-in-training. They get hands-on leadership experience by helping with younger campers. We also have a leadership camp available to teens that focuses on communication, decision-making, and teamwork through interactive games and challenges.

Creative Expression

At Jameson Ranch, campers can explore their creative side through various arts, music, and drama programs. We have professional artists lead visual arts classes in mediums like painting, pottery, and sculpture. Campers can also flex their creative muscles in theater camp by writing and performing their own plays. For musically inclined campers, we offer both instrumental lessons as well as a cappella singing groups and rock bands.

Life Skills Development

Our well-rounded programs help campers learn important life skills during their time at camp. Campers gain independence and self-confidence by stepping outside their comfort zones. Simple tasks like making their bed or doing their own laundry foster responsibility and maturity. Our culinary and gardening classes teach campers about food, nutrition, and sustainable living. Through our many programs, campers build lifelong skills at Jameson Ranch Camp.

Session and Camper Info

Jameson Ranch Camp offers week-long sessions throughout the summer, typically starting in early June and running through mid-August. Sessions are available for campers ages 6-16, though the camp may make exceptions for younger campers on a case-by-case basis.

The 2024 camp sessions run as follows:

  • June 16-June 29 | Session 1
  • June 30-July 13 | Session 2
  • July 14-July 27 | Session 3
  • July 28-August 10 | Session 4

 Summer 2024 Camper Rate: $4100

Campers do not need any prior experience to attend Jameson Ranch Camp. The camp welcomes first-time campers and provides counselor guidance to help them transition into the camp environment.

Discounts are available for early registration and for siblings attending camp together. The early bird discount of $100 off per session applies to registrations completed before March 1st. Siblings receive a $50 discount off the second sibling's registration fee. Limited financial assistance and payment plans may also be available based on financial need.

Registration Details

Sending your child to summer camp is an exciting step, but registration and planning can feel daunting. Jameson Ranch Camp aims to make the process as smooth as possible for families.


The base cost for one 2-week session at Jameson Ranch Camp is $2,800. This covers all accommodations, meals, activities, and basic transportation during the session. Extended 4-week sessions are available at a discounted rate of $5,000. Limited financial assistance and payment plans may be available for qualifying families.


To secure your child's spot for summer 2024, we recommend registering early. Spots fill up quickly, as we maintain an intimate camper-to-counselor ratio. The early bird registration deadline is March 1st, 2024. After this date, regular registration rates apply. Camp sessions fill on a first-come, first-served basis.

Registration Process

Families can easily register for camp online through our secure registration portal. Simply create an account, select your desired sessions, and submit the registration form along with a $500 deposit per session. The remaining balance will be due by May 1st, 2024. Once registered, you'll gain access to your CampInTouch account to manage forms, payments, and transportation.

We can't wait to welcome your camper to Jameson Ranch for an unforgettable summer! Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions during the registration process. Our team is happy to help ensure your camper is ready for their adventure.

Preparing for Camp

Getting ready for summer camp takes some planning and preparation. Here are some tips to help you and your camper get set for the Jameson Ranch Camp experience:

Packing List

A packing list will be sent out prior to your camp session. Some essentials to include:

  • Clothing - shirts, shorts, pants, pajamas, socks, closed-toe shoes
  • Toiletries - toothbrush, shampoo, soap, sunscreen, insect repellent
  • Bedding - sleeping bag, pillow, sheets
  • Towels - for swimming and bathing
  • Water bottle
  • Hat or visor
  • Rain jacket or poncho
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Flashlight
  • Backpack or daypack

Label all items clearly with your camper's name to avoid mixups. Pack enough clothes for the duration of the session.


There are some important forms that will need to be completed prior to your camper's arrival:

  • Health history form - provides info about medications, allergies, dietary needs
  • Release forms - for participation in activities, photo/video, medical care
  • Transportation form - if using Jameson Ranch bus service

Submit forms by the deadline to ensure your spot. Having current health information helps us care for your camper.


You have several options for getting your camper to and from Jameson Ranch Camp:

  • Free bus service from select locations
  • Drop off/pick up from camp on start/end dates
  • Coordinating carpools with other camp families

Let us know your plans well in advance so we can accommodate. Directions to camp will be provided prior to your camper's arrival.

Preparing your child helps ensure they have a fantastic camp experience. Let us know if you need any help getting ready for summer memories at Jameson Ranch!

Staying Connected

Communication between campers and their families is an important part of the Jameson Ranch Camp experience. The camp offers several ways for parents to stay informed and see their campers having fun over the summer:

Letters and Postcards

Getting mail from home is always exciting for campers! We encourage parents to send letters, postcards, care packages, and other goodies to keep your child's spirits high. Mail is distributed daily. Send letters to:

[Camper's Name]
c/o Jameson Ranch Camp
123 Ranch Rd.
Jameson, CA 12345


Parents can send one-way emails to campers through our secure email system. Campers do not have access to respond directly, but they love getting your messages! Emails are printed out and distributed with regular mail.


Our staff photographers take photos throughout each day's activities and special events. These are uploaded to a password-protected online gallery for parents. You'll love seeing your camper trying new things and forging new friendships.

Social Media

Follow along with the daily happenings at camp through our active Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. We post fun photos, videos, and announcements to give you a window into camp life. Use the hashtag #JamesonRanchCamp to see campers in action!

Staying in touch while your child is away at camp is simple and stress-free. Our welcoming staff is always available to answer questions or address any concerns you may have. We look forward to sharing your camper's unforgettable summer with you!

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