Looking for a New Jersey Sleepaway Summer Camp? Here are our Top 7!
Summer Camp sleepaway camp new jersey

Looking for a New Jersey Sleepaway Summer Camp? Here are our Top 7!


Summer is the perfect time for children to explore their passions and interests outside of the classroom. This one word, "Summer," arouses a sense of excitement and anticipation in every child's heart. While choosing the best sleepaway summer camp or day camp in New Jersey can be daunting for parents, it is an important decision that can provide a unique and fun-filled experience for children. Blessed with picturesque beauty and a wide range of activities, New Jersey's camping scene is truly a revelation! Let's dive deep into six amazing options for children to create unforgettable memories this summer.

Exploring the Top 6 Sleepaway Summer Camps & Day Camps in New Jersey

1. Lakeview Day Camp

Situated in East Brunswick, Lakeview Day Camp offers various opportunities for kids to explore their interests within the 20-acre campus. Activities include sports, arts, summer reading programs, special events, and outdoor adventure, all aimed at encouraging children's curiosity while building their self-esteem and teaching new skills. Lakeview Day Camp focuses on creating a comfortable environment where children can make friends and lasting memories.


2. Spring Lake Day Camp

Spring Lake Day Camp, located in Ringwood within a spacious 30-acre campus, features over 30 stimulating activities. These include athletics, aquatics, creative arts, and special events. With a well-trained staff and a strong emphasis on teamwork, leadership, and skill development, Spring Lake Day Camp creates a memorable summer experience for every child.


3. Eagles Landing Day Camp

Present in North Brunswick, the Eagles Landing Day Camp offers a variety of programs in arts, sports, swimming, and science exploration. This camp ensures a nurturing environment for children by employing professional teachers and coaches to oversee their activities. Eagles Landing is dedicated to fostering creativity and a love for learning, making every camper feel welcomed and engaged.


4. Roselle Park Summer Camp

The Roselle Park Summer Camp in Roselle Park offers a rich program aimed at letting kids enjoy the summer while learning new skills. Activities include swimming, arts and crafts, nature hikes, and various sport games. The camp's primary goal is to enrich children's lives by providing a safe, enjoyable, and engaging environment.


5. Black Bear Lake Camp

Set in Millstone Township, Black Bear Lake Camp offers a plethora of activities across their 36-acre site. With a focus on sports, arts, water activities, and outdoor adventure, kids will never experience a dull moment. Black Bear Lake Camp is famous for its high-quality swimming program, backed by four heated pools and a 5-acre private lake.


6. Pine Grove Day Camp

Located in Wall Township, Pine Grove Day Camp entices children with 50 acres of recreational facilities. The camp offers a delightful mix of sports, arts, swimming, and outdoor adventure activities. Pine Grove Day Camp is dedicated to fostering self-confidence, promoting leadership, and instilling teamwork skills in a safe, connected, and hands-on community.


Conclusion: Embrace the New Jersey Summer Camp Fun

The diverse sleepaway summer camps and day camps in New Jersey offer an unparalleled experience for your children to learn, grow, and create unforgettable memories. With a wide array of activities, picturesque campgrounds, and well-trained staff, you can trust that each camp offers something unique and engaging for your child.

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We hope that this list assists you in finding the perfect summer camp for your child in New Jersey, whether it's a sleepaway summer camp or a day camp. To discover even more summer camp options and after-school activities, visit CampsWithFriends.com for comprehensive information on a plethora of camp experiences tailored to your child's unique interests and needs. Happy camping, and let the summertime adventures begin!