Looking for a Texas Sleepaway Summer Camp? Here are our Top 7!
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Looking for a Texas Sleepaway Summer Camp? Here are our Top 7!


Texas, the Lone Star State, boasts an array of landscapes from desert to coastline, making it the perfect destination for an all-in-one summer camp experience. Rich in adventure, learning, and fun, the summer camps here provide children the opportunity to dive into an exhilarating experience! In this blog, we'll guide you through six of the top sleepaway summer camps in Texas. Prepare for a summer of unforgettable memories, multiple skill set development, and priceless friendships among the towering pine trees and blue Texas skies.

Sky Ranch: Where Fun Meets Faith
Sky Ranch, tucked away in the quaint city of Van, offers a perfect blend of fun, learning, and spiritual growth. Known to be one of North America's leading Christian camps, it hosts more than 70,000 young explorers annually. With programs spanning from outdoor education to summer camps, Sky Ranch emphasizes developing leadership skills and fostering positive relationships in a Christian environment. If your child is poised for an exhilarating summer filled with adventure, fun, and a dash of religious enlightenment, Sky Ranch is worth considering. For more information on their amazing summer programs, click here.


Camp Stewart: Building Bonds in the Heart of Texas Hill Country
Step into the realm of Camp Stewart, located in the heart of Texas Hill Country, where adventure intertwines with rich traditions dating back to 1924. This camp caters solely to boys, intending to cultivate a spirit of camaraderie, adventure, and leadership. From ropes courses to canoeing, soccer, and golf, life at Camp Stewart is teeming with activities that will capture your son's interest and spark his energy. To explore more about this boys-only retreat, visit their page here.

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Pine Cove: Be Part of an Unforgettable Wilderness Adventure
Nestled amidst the lush Piney Woods of East Texas, Pine Cove stands tall as a haven for wilderness and cultural adventures. Pine Cove's week-long summer camp, family camp programs, and day camps are designed to leave a lasting impression. Offering transformative experiences that foster personal growth and encourage lifelong friendships, Pine Cove camps make summer unforgettable. Don't miss out on the adventure! Visit their profile here, and book a spot for your child today!


Camp Olympia: Your Child's Way to an Individualized Summer
Camp Olympia, a haven for children aged 6-16, offers a bespoke camping experience topped with over 45 exciting activities. From water skiing, horseback riding, to golf and more, Camp Olympia specializes in individualized scheduling tailored to each child's interests. Coupled with a strong emphasis on personal growth, leadership development, sportsmanship, and character building, it is an exceptional “playground” that's perfect for nurturing your child's unique skills. For a truly tailored summer camping experience, visit Camp Olympia's profile here.

Camp Cho-Yeh: A Journey Into the Land of Tall Pines
Camp Cho-Yeh, ensconced in the luscious greenery of Livingston, lives up to its name which means the "Land of Tall Pines." This camp prioritizes fostering wholesome relationships in a Christ-centered environment, with activities like archery, canoeing, horseback riding, and more. It’s a place where your child can cultivate deep connections, explore nature’s wonder, and grow spiritually. To uncover more about this divine retreat, click here.


Camp Balcones Springs: Developing Skills in the Heart of Nature
Situated in Texas Hill Country, Camp Balcones Springs is more than just a summer camp. It’s a place of mentorship, skill development, character building, and community cultivation. The camp offers a plethora of activities across sports, arts, outdoor adventure, and leadership development, creating an all-round fun and learning environment. Enhance your child’s summer by booking a spot here.

While each summer sleepaway camp in Texas we’ve covered in this blog provides a unique experience, they all share a common goal: to contribute holistically to children's growth and development while ensuring an unforgettable summer filled with fun and adventure. From outdoor excursions at Sky Ranch to tailored schedules at Camp Olympia or fostering faith at Camp Cho-Yeh, there’s always a fit for your child.

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So, ignite your child's summer adventure today! Click on the links provided to dive deeper into what each camp offers. Give your child the gift of Life-Long Memories, Limitless Adventures, and Unconquered Challenges in Texas's best sleepaway summer camps!

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