Looking for Maine top-rated summer camps? Here are our TOP 5!
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Looking for Maine top-rated summer camps? Here are our TOP 5!

Sleep-away camps are a widely popular summer camp option for anyone with children up to 17 (sometimes 18) years old! These camps can last anywhere from two weeks to two months and are a fantastic way to get kids to socialize, gain confidence, and experience new adventures! 

If you’re living in the Maine area, you may be wondering what the best sleep away camps in Maine currently are. Well, look no further than our list of the top 5 overnight camps in Maine! They’re already taking inquiries and admissions for next summer!

Here are our top 5 Maine Summer Camps List:

  1. Netop Summer Camp
  2. Camp Takajo
  3. Camp Mataponi
  4. Camp Waziyatah
  5. Camp O-At-Ka

1: Netop Summer Camp

A Summer of Friendship and Growth

Tucked away in the beautiful forests of Maine, Netop Summer Camp presents a vibrant world of discovery and adventure, all while fostering deep, meaningful connections among campers. Embracing the spirit of exploration and personal growth, Netop stands as a beacon for children looking to immerse themselves in a summer experience filled with joy, learning, and lasting friendships.

At Netop, every activity, from canoeing across serene lakes to roasting marshmallows under a starlit sky, is designed with a child's happiness and development in mind. With a diverse array of programs tailored to match the unique interests and abilities of each camper, it's more than just a place to spend the summer—it's where young spirits soar, build confidence, and learn teamwork in an environment that celebrates each individual's contributions.

Netops summer camp location-1

Choosing Netop Summer Camp means opting for more than just a camp; it's selecting a summer family where every child feels at home, supported, and encouraged to explore their potential. Whether your child dreams of paddling down rivers, crafting beautiful works of art, or simply making friends that last a lifetime, Netop provides the perfect backdrop for these unforgettable experiences.

We at Camps With Friends are thrilled to feature Netop Summer Camp as a prime destination for families seeking a caring, enriching environment for their children this summer. Discover the magic of Maine and the warm embrace of the Netop community, where summer memories await to be made. Read about Netop's 4 spoke philosophy here.

2: Camp Takajo

A camp for the boys, Camp Takajo is known for its mission to instill moral and ethical values in its campers that last for the rest of their lives. The camp was founded in 1947 by Morty Goldman, whose roots in camping stem back to his childhood in the early 1900’s. One of the camps current co-owners and counselors, Jeff Konigsberg, attended the camp himself in 1970 and has spent every summer since at the Camp Takajo as a counselor and coordinator.

The camp runs 7 weeks long, but first-time campers do have the option to opt out after the first 4 weeks if they want to! The camp focuses heavily on team building activities, sports, hunter/gatherer skills, and building trust through communication and honesty with one another. 

Something unique about Camp Takajo is the focus on insuring quality bunk placement. With 40-60 boys in each age group, the camp focuses on ensuring their campers are placed in bunks with those they are most likely to get along with and/or benefit from being around. The camp primarily runs from early June through mid-August! View this business now.

Lets quickly dive into the most commonly asked questions about summer camps in Maine!

What is the most expensive sleepaway camp in Maine?

Prices for sleepaway camps in Maine vary widely, with some of the highest-end camps topping $10,000 for a summer session. Factors like location, facilities, staffing ratios, and unique offerings, like extensive outdoor exploration or specialized arts training, play into this cost. Remember, though, that expensive doesn't always mean better—it's all about finding the right fit for your child.

What is the best age to send kids to summer camp?

While every child is different, typically the best age to send kids to summer camp depends on their maturity and comfort level. Day camps often start accepting kids as young as five or six. For sleepaway camps, the ideal age is usually around seven to nine. The key is to communicate openly with your child about their readiness for camp.

What is the most expensive overnight summer camp?

Across the globe, the price tag for the most expensive overnight summer camp can hover around $13,000-$14,000 for a session. Generally, these camps feature a wealth of exclusive activities, advanced facilities, and highly experienced instructors. It's essential to consider what your child will gain from the experience and whether the expense aligns with those potential benefits.

Why are Sleepaway camps so expensive?

Sleepaway camps carry a higher cost due to the range and depth of experiences they provide. This includes high-quality programming run by experienced, skilled staff, use of extensively maintained facilities, and all-inclusive amenities such as meals, activities, and sometimes field trips. However, these camps often represent a significant investment into developing your child's skillsets, self-confidence, and lifelong memories.

What is considered a "session" at overnight summer camp when it costs north of $10,000?

In the vibrant world of summer camps, especially those nestling in the stunning landscapes of premium offerings, a "session" is much more than just a timeframe. Imagine it as an all-access pass into a realm where each day is an adventure tailored to foster growth, independence, and joy in our little campers. For camps where the investment sails north of $10,000, a session encapsulates a meticulously curated experience designed to enrich your child’s summer.

Typically ranging from the cozy span of a week to the broad horizon of eight weeks, these sessions are your child's ticket to unforgettable memories. But it's not just the length of stay that defines them - it's the quality. Here, in these thoughtfully crafted sessions, children delve into activities that might span from learning the gentle art of sailing on crystal clear lakes, to mastering the confident stroke of a paintbrush in an art workshop led by passionate instructors.

What sets these sessions apart is not just the expansive range of opportunities they offer but the deep dive into mentorship, camaraderie, and learning they facilitate. With a keen eye on individual attention, camps at this echelon ensure a low camper-to-staff ratio, allowing your child to explore, learn, and grow under the guidance of skilled mentors.

And then, there's the magic woven into the fabric of everyday camp life - from the crackling camaraderie around a campfire to the gentle hush under a canopy of stars. This is where friendships are forged in the spirit of adventure and discovery.

So, when you're considering what's bundled into a session costing upwards of $10,000, remember, you're investing not just in a place where your child will stay but in an experience that shapes joy, resilience, and beautiful memories. At Camps With Friends, we believe in making these extraordinary experiences accessible, helping you navigate through the options to find that perfect summer storyline for your child, one that's as unique and wonderful as they are.

Let's embark on this journey together, exploring pathways that lead to summers filled with laughter, learning, and the kind of fun that becomes the treasure trove of childhood memories. Welcome to the adventure of a lifetime. Welcome to Camps With Friends.

3: Camp Mataponi

A camp for the gals, Camp Mataponi is a summer long sleep away camp in Maine that is geared towards instilling a sense of confidence, creativity, and leadership in its female campers! The camp was founded in 1910 as a shorter overnight camp in Maine for young, female campers. However, the focus has always been on treating their campers like family and creating a sisterhood type of atmosphere that lasts a lifetime!

Camp Mataponi image 1-1-1

The camp runs for 7 weeks, but new campers do have the option for a 4-week session first and then decide if they want to stay for the remainder of the sleep away camp. Camp Mataponi is for girls from 2nd grade through 12th grade and features skill building activities, sports, and lessons geared toward each age group. There is a 3:1 camper to counselor ratio and all girls are bunked together based on their grade level with 8-12 campers per cabin!  View this business now.

4: Camp Waziyatah

Camp Waziyatah is a sleep-away camp in Maine located specifically in Waterford. This camp is a co-ed, overnight camp in Maine that provides campers with fun, outdoors activities that are designed to instill a sense of morale and camaraderie. It was founded in 1922 and offers 4-, 6-, and 8-week sessions to its campers. There is a 2-week session option for first time campers only. 

Barbecue in nature, group of people preparing sausages on fire (note shallow dof)

The camps core values are centered around respect, courtesy, integrity, and responsibility and every activity and adventure works to instill such values in their campers. The most unique aspect to Camp Waziyatah is its “campers first” perspective on provided activities. Campers actually get to choose the type of activities that they want to do on a daily basis, whether that be language arts activities, outdoor sports, or learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, each camper gets to learn through their preferred activities! View this business now.

5: Camp O-At-Ka

Located in Sebago, ME, Camp O-At-Ka is an overnight camp in Maine for boys that runs sessions for 2-7 weeks throughout the summer months. Credited by the American Camper Association, Camp O-At-Ka has been operating for over 115 years and is the most well-known sleep away camp in Maine for boys up to age 16. The camp focuses on traditional camper values and skills such as team building, leadership, understanding nature, tent pitching, and hunter/gatherer skills. 


Not only is Camp O-At-Ka home to campers from 28 states across the US, but also 12 other countries. Campers get a new sense of the word “friendship” at Camp O-At-Ka and even get to make lifelong friends from all over the world! With activities that range from outdoor endeavors to water sports to arts and crafts, campers are sure to get their fill of excitement and learning each day! View this business now.


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Sleep away camps in Maine are a phenomenal way to immerse your kids in activities and events they otherwise wouldn’t get the opportunity to experience. Campers get to make new and often life-long friends from all over the country (and even the world) through counselor led group activities that are geared towards building a sense of compassion teamwork, and leadership in each camper that attends. The best part is that each of these camps offer short session for new campers to test the waters before diving in headfirst! Overnight camps in Maine are the best way to give you kids the most exciting, unique summer they have ever experienced. 

These five camps are fantastic, but if you’re looking for even more overnight summer camps in Florida, check out the Camps With Friends app and get connected with the perfect camp for your kids.


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