Stop Marketing Summer Camps Yourself: Camps With Friends Can Help
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Stop Marketing Summer Camps Yourself: Camps With Friends Can Help


The job of marketing summer camps often falls on the camp owners themselves in the early going. But even if you’re used to doing it yourself, you’re bound to have too much to do and not enough time to do it with all of the competing priorities that come with running a camp.

Even well-developed camp programs with dedicated marketing people will regularly struggle with bandwidth issues when it comes to marketing summer camps year-round, as any robust camp marketing plan will do. After all, the best material for marketing tends to come from live action in the summer, but marketing spans all the way from end-of-season early-sign-up drives to the first wave of new year marketing just after the holiday season wraps up.

Many camps will spend in the range of 10-20% of their anticipated revenue on marketing for the coming year, but with only 8% of camps selling out, you might feel pressured to invest even more. Don’t worry—there is a better way for anyone marketing summer camps to improve results!

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Become a Partner and Join the Camps With Friends App

Our mobile app will give your camp access to a nationwide audience of new families (including many right in your area) completely for free. This is much more than just a directory listing.  You’ll have a full camp profile under your control that you can load with inspiring details and convenient info about your camp.  It’s simple: sign up, set up your profile, and get discovered. No subscription charges, no sign-up fees, and no recurring membership costs. Marketing summer camps has never been so easy. 

Thousands of New Parents Are Waiting to Connect

Open houses and referral campaigns are well known drivers of enrollment, but one issue they both share is that a large percentage of your message is going out to people that already know you. Our partners achieve visibility beyond their base by marketing summer camps on our large (and rapidly expanding) network of more than 1,000 partnered camps across 150+ categories. With no cost to sign up, it’s the quickest way to expand your reach to a community that’s already hunting for summer camp and enrichment programs.

Local, interested parents can discover your camp by custom filtering within the Camps With Friends app by criteria like location, age group, interest area, and more.  Better yet, you’ll have maximum visibility into your audience with robust data and analytics on the back end of your profile. Learn who’s finding you, following you, or reading your newsletters to improve your targeting when marketing summer camps in upcoming seasons.

You Sign Up, We Do the Heavy Lifting

The best part is that all you need to do is sign up and keep the camp profile up to date. We’ll take care of the rest. Our high-value audience will have evergreen access to your camp’s info and your partnership with Camps With Friends will help you grow your business. 

Partners get free access to a contributor spot on our popular BetterCampFinder blog, which will help drive traffic back to your website and boost its performance in organic search results. By leveraging the content through our unique workflow process, new traffic will flow back towards your CWF profile and website for more info.  These unique visitors are real parents, finding you in real time, and improving your Google ranking in the process!

There’s nothing to lose. Stop bearing the burden of marketing summer camps all by yourself and sign up to join the Camps With Friends family today.

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