Experience a summer filled with adventure, learning, and friendship at San Rafael's top day camp for kids. Enroll today!
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Experience a summer filled with adventure, learning, and friendship at San Rafael's top day camp for kids. Enroll today!

On a warm, sunlit morning in the heart of San Rafael, the journey of discovery begins at Mountain Camp Marin. Situated amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Mark Day School, this co-ed day camp is more than just a summer pastime; it’s a vibrant community where kids entering grades K – 8th embark on a transformative adventure.

At the heart of Mountain Camp Marin's spirit is a philosophy that blends joyful outdoor recreation with valuable life lessons. Here, every day is a chance to grow in confidence, foster lasting friendships, and acquire crucial social and emotional skills—an antidote to today's fast-paced digital world. In partnership with the esteemed Stanford Graduate School of Education, our unique approach ensures an enriching camp experience tailored to nurture each child's positive self-image and sense of community.

Preparing for Day Camp

The anticipation begins with a special New Camper Orientation, hosted via Zoom in early June. It's here that families meet the dedicated leadership team and get a preliminary taste of the enriching summer awaiting their children. This virtual gathering sets the tone for a season of warmth and camaraderie, addressing all questions and igniting the excitement for what lies ahead.


A Day at Mountain Camp Marin

As the dawn of the first camp day arrives, so does the adventure. Starting at 8:50 am, a welcoming staff member greets campers right from their car, guiding them to their new groups and counselors. This seamless check-in process exemplifies the camp’s dedication to a smooth, stress-free start to the day for both parents and children.

Once gathered, campers dive into an array of chosen activities, each designed to empower them with autonomy over their day—be it mastering new skills, exploring creative outlets, or simply reveling in the joy of play. This choice-driven approach echoes our belief in the importance of individual agency in the campers' growth journey.

Amidst the laughter and learning, the camp ensures not a moment is lost. Regular check-ins and pickups are streamlined for convenience, allowing families flexibility in their schedules with options for early pickup or extended care, ensuring the camp day fits seamlessly into the bustling lives of San Rafael families.

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Beyond The Activities: A Culture of Integrity and Inclusion

Mountain Camp Marin stands as a beacon of diversity, equity, and inclusion, where every child, regardless of background, is celebrated for who they are. Our core values—integrity, courage, enthusiasm, responsibility, and more—resonate throughout our programs, fostering a nurturing environment that champions personal growth and collective wellbeing.

Through activities that challenge and inspire, campers learn about themselves and each other. They embark on a journey of acceptance, understanding the power of community and the joy of shared achievement. Our camp is not merely a place to spend the summer; it’s a community to belong, a sanctuary to become, and a playground to explore.

Embracing Tradition, Championing the Future

In an era ruled by screens and technology, Mountain Camp Marin advocates for a digital detox, allowing children to experience the irreplaceable human connection and the natural beauty that surrounds them. We understand the potential distractions and disruptions that electronic devices might present, advocating for a camp experience that is fully immersive and engaging.

As campers pack their bags—labeling everything from water bottles to sun hats—they're not just preparing for a day of camp; they’re gearing up for an unforgettable summer adventure. A summer at Mountain Camp Marin represents a unique blend of learning, play, and personal development, all set against the backdrop of San Rafael’s natural beauty.

The Lasting Impact of a Summer at Mountain Camp Marin

Mountain Camp Marin is more than just a destination; it’s a journey—a journey of discovery, friendship, and growth. Each activity, each day, and each connection contributes to a tapestry of memories that campers will carry with them long after the summer sun has set.

Nurturing Growth and Childhood Development Under the Marin Sun

In the embrace of nature's splendor at Mountain Camp Marin, we believe the journey of childhood development is not just about growing taller or learning more facts—it's about blossoming into the best version of oneself. Guided by the gentle yet steadfast hands of our seasoned camp counselors, we're committed to fostering an environment where every child is seen, heard, and inspired to explore the limitless potential within them.

Through a tapestry of outdoor adventures, creative play, and heartfelt camaraderie, we lay the foundation for the building blocks of childhood development: self-confidence, resilience, social skills, and emotional intelligence. Here, amidst the laughter and echoes of joy across the camp, children learn not just to navigate the world around them, but to mold it with kindness, creativity, and a deep-seated sense of community. At Mountain Camp Marin, we're not just aiding in childhood development; we're cultivating a garden of young souls, each unique, each precious, ready to bloom magnificently under the nurturing Marin sun.

As the final day of camp awakens with a blend of excitement and nostalgia, lost and found items are claimed, goodbyes are exchanged, and campers depart with a piece of Mountain Camp Marin in their hearts. The skills learned, the friendships forged, and the challenges overcome stand as testaments to a summer well-spent, preparing our campers not just for the school year ahead, but for a lifetime of adventure.

In the embodiment of our values and through the vibrancy of our programs, Mountain Camp Marin remains a cornerstone of growth and discovery in San Rafael. This is where summer memories are made, where stars align, and where the journey of childhood is celebrated in all its glory. Here, every child is a part of our family, every story adds to our legacy, and every summer is a chance to become a part of something truly magical. Explore further insights about enriching summer experiences in Marin County through this comprehensive summer camp guide and learn more about youth enrichment summer camps to inspire the next generation.

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