Experience Faith and Fun at Sleepaway Christian Summer Camp - Camp Li-Lo-Li
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Experience Faith and Fun at Sleepaway Christian Summer Camp - Camp Li-Lo-Li

In the vast embrace of God's creation, nestled among towering pines and whispering streams, lies a sanctuary of faith and youthful exuberance—Camp Li-Lo-Li. For generations, this haven has served as a bridge between the sacred teachings of the past and the boundless potential of the future. It's a place where campfires crackle with stories of faith, and the echoes of praise and laughter blend perfectly under the starlit sky.

At Camp Li-Lo-Li, each day dawns with the promise of adventure, spiritual growth, and the formation of lifelong friendships. It's not just a sleepaway Christian summer camp; it's a journey towards personal discovery framed by Christian values and the warmth of community.

Register for Camp

Are you ready to be a part of this legacy? To register for camp, simply visit our dedicated webpage where history and modern convenience meet. A few clicks will take you through the seamless process, securing your spot in one of our transformative summer camp sessions.

Dates And Rates

Important to every family are the dates and rates, thoughtfully planned to accommodate different schedules and budgets. Details can be found on our intuitive profile page, where each session's costs and timings are respectfully tailored, understanding the commitments and needs of our campers' families.

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Retreats & Family Retreats

While summer camp sessions are the heartbeats of our calendar, the pulse of our community extends to retreats and family retreats throughout the year. These are times for quiet reflection, spirited worship, and familial bonding within the embrace of our campgrounds, surrounded by the serene beauty of God’s creation.

Parent Info

Parents seeking solace in the safety and enrichment of their children can rest assured. At Camp Li-Lo-Li, your child's well-being is enshrined in everything we do. Parent info, including detailed safety protocols, programming nuances, and staff credentials, can all be discovered on our information page, nurturing your confidence as you entrust your cherished ones to our care.

A Heritage of Harmony: Christian Summer Camp's Legacy

In the tapestry of American summer camps, Christian summer camps thread a tale of enduring faith and fellowship. Since the early 20th century, they have served as sanctuaries for the young, instilling Christian values amid the beauty of God's creation. Pioneers of the camp movement sought to nourish the body, mind, and spirit, blending biblical teachings with outdoor pursuits. As beacons in the industry, these camps illuminate the path to personal growth and community, continuing a storied tradition of service. In their embrace, countless campers have discovered a lasting legacy of compassion, camaraderie, and a deep-rooted love for the Lord.

Journey Through Faith and Nature: The Pathways of Camp Li-Lo-Li

At Camp Li-Lo-Li, nestled in the heart of God’s splendid creation, campers embark on a journey that weaves the threads of faith, fellowship, and practical skills into the fabric of their characters. Through our tiered activity groups—Trail Scout, Trail Blazer, and Trail Master—each child is given the opportunity to grow, explore, and discover their God-given potential in a nurturing, Christian environment. Let us guide you through these pathways, where learning and faith walk hand in hand.

Trail Scout: Foundations in Faith and Nature

The Trail Scout group lays the groundwork, introducing young campers to the basics of outdoor survival and fostering a deep appreciation for God's creation. Participants are imbued with essential skills and spiritual insights through activities such as:

  • First Aid: Learning to care for God’s temple, our bodies, in times of need.

  • Fishing: Reflecting on Jesus' call to be fishers of men, campers learn patience and persistence.

  • Water Safety: Understanding the stewardship of life and safety God entrusts to us.

  • Intro to Ropes: Tying knots as we bind our lives in faith.

  • Nature Trail: Walking in Jesus’ footsteps, campers explore the beauty of creation.

  • Open Fire Cooking: Sharing meals as Jesus did, fostering community and fellowship.

Trail Blazer: Building Skills, Building Faith

As campers progress to the Trail Blazer group, they delve deeper into outdoor skills and spiritual understanding, mirroring our journey of faith that grows stronger with each step. This stage features:

  • Knots: Strengthening ties to family, friends, and God.

  • Compass & Orienteering: Finding our way through the wilderness, guided by the Light of the World.

  • Firemaking: Igniting a fervent passion for the Lord in our hearts.

  • Axemanship: Shaping our character as we shape the world around us.

  • Overnight: Experiencing the peace and presence of God under the stars.

  • Canoeing: Navigating life’s waters with Christ as our rudder.

Trail Master: Mastery Through Faith

Reaching the Trail Master level signifies a deeper engagement with both the wilderness and one’s faith journey. It’s about mastering the skills to lead and nurture others, reflecting Christ’s leadership.

  • Lashing: Binding our lives together in Christ.

  • Archery: Aiming for righteousness in all we do.

  • Star Navigation: Guided by the Creator's vast universe.

  • Backpacking: Carrying our cross, emboldened by His strength.

  • Animal Tracking: Observing God’s creatures, learning from their instincts.

  • Horsemanship: Exercising gentle control and care, as Jesus does with His followers.

Horseback Riding

Beyond these groups, horseback riding stands as a testament to God’s grace and the majesty of His creation, offering lessons in trust, patience, and perseverance.

At Camp Li-Lo-Li, these activities are more than mere tasks; they are parables of life, deeply rooted in Christian teachings. Here, amidst the splendor of the natural world, faith is nurtured, character is built, and community bonds are strengthened, creating an enduring legacy of love, light, and life in every camper’s heart.


Our camp's history is a testament to the enduring power of faith. Founded in 1951 with the mission to share Life, Love, and Light, Camp Li-Lo-Li has weathered seasons of change while standing firm on the bedrock of our Christian ideals. The stories of those who walked these grounds before us inspire our present journey, as we continue to build upon their legacy.

As the sun sets on another day filled with joyous activity and the presence of the Holy Spirit, we are excited to announce a new partnership with Camps With Friends and their "Camp Moments" feature. This innovative photo-sharing tool allows our camp family to capture and share snapshots of these special days with loved ones, enabling parents to glimpse into the sacred experiences of their children—all at no additional cost. Camp Moments crystallizes the laughter, learning, and life-changing encounters that make Camp Li-Lo-Li a beacon of God’s love and teachings.

Cross the threshold into an experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us at Camp Li-Lo-Li, where summer isn’t just a season, but a chapter in the grand adventure of faith.

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