Summer Camps Near Me in Fremont, CA
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Summer Camps Near Me in Fremont, CA

If you’re looking for summer camps in Fremont, CA for your kids, then this article is for you. We’ve gathered some of the best kids' summer camps in Fremont that provide fun activities and educational experiences for kids of all ages.
From arts and crafts to sports and games, these camps offer something for everyone. You can even find camps that are focused on specific interests like cooking or music. So, whether your child has a passion for dance or drawing, there’s bound to be a camp that can help them fulfill their dreams!
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Mathnasium – Fremont

Mathnasium - Fremont is a summer camp in Fremont, California that helps kids with their math and science skills! Mathnasium offers a fun way for your kids to learn through unique activities that teach without making your kids feel like they’re in summer school.
This camp is designed to give your child an opportunity to learn and practice their math skills while having loads of fun. The camp will teach them how to solve puzzles and problems in addition to doing some basic counting, shapes, and numbers. It's a great way to get your child excited about math at any age.
This program helps kids develop their math skills and build confidence in the subject with activities such as:
-Playing games with friends, like capturing the flag or tag.
-Playing games that require stealth and strategy, like hide and seek or freeze tag.
-Learning how to do math problems by hand, with a pencil and paper, and on a calculator.
The activities are designed with the help of experts in education, so you know that your child will learn something new and useful while they play! VIEW PROFILE

Bay Aerials Gymnastics

Bay Aerials Gymnastics is a family-friendly gymnastics camp for kids ages 5-14. The program is led by a certified and experienced instructor who holds a degree in physical education.
The camp offers activities such as trampoline, tumbling, tumbling skills, acrobalance, balance beam, floor exercise, vault, and more. The camp also includes games and other fun activities to keep the kids entertained while they are learning new skills.
The camp has two programs: Tumble, and All Around. The Tumble program focuses on tumbling skills such as handstands, cartwheels, back handsprings, and more. The All Around program is more of a general learning experience for kids who want to test all the different areas of gymnastics. It’s often for the olden kids as this program includes the bars and beams!
The instructors at Bay Aerials Gymnastics will teach the kids how to do gymnastics with proper form and safety in mind. They will also teach them how to be safe on the floor or in the air by using different techniques such as body control or catching their fall with their hands instead of their feet.
This is an amazing summer camp in Fremont, CA for kids that want to learn about gymnastics! VIEW PROFILE

Young Gates

Young Gates kids summer camp in Fremont, CA offers fun and educational activities for kids aged 5-13.
This summer camp provides a safe environment for children to learn and explore their interests. From arts and crafts to sports and fitness activities, the program will allow children to become more confident in themselves as they build friendships with their peers.
They have multiple locations throughout Fremont, California. They specialize in providing quality programs for children. Young Gates offers both day camps and after-school programs (for during the year) that focus on academics as well as character development. Their goal is to create a safe environment where kids can learn through exploration and discovery of their passions.
The Young Gates kids summer camp has a variety of activities that will engage children of all ages, including soccer, basketball, softball, tennis, tennis ball toss, swimming lessons, arts & crafts, and more! All activities are supervised by our staff who will ensure safety while allowing the children to learn new skills or improve existing ones at their own pace. VIEW PROFILE


There are many different types of summer camps that offer activities for kids from toddlers to teenagers. Some camps offer traditional summer camp-style programs while others provide unique learning experiences and activities. These camps provide children with educational activities, including sports and arts. In addition, they also offer them fun activities such as swimming or playing games.

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