Fun Summer Camps in Frisco, Texas: All You Need to Know!
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Fun Summer Camps in Frisco, Texas: All You Need to Know!"

Welcome to the vibrant, ever-evolving city of Frisco, Texas, where growth and innovation are the heart of its community. Named one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Frisco's dedication to prosperity and excellence is evident in every aspect of city life, from its world-class infrastructure to its array of must-see local attractions.

Iconic destinations like the interactive Frisco Discovery Center, the state-of-the-art Ford Center serving as the training facility for the Dallas Cowboys, or the rich history encapsulated by the Museum of the American Railroad, paint a picture of a city brimming with culture, sports, and history. Outdoor enthusiasts revel in trails and natural beauty of the Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, while shoppers find delight in the unique mix of stores at the Stone-briar Centre.

A particularly delightful aspect of Frisco's appeal are the countless summer camps and blossoming small businesses found throughout this rapidly expanding city. In the forthcoming segments of our blog, we'll dive deeper into the top summer camps designed to inspire and excite young adventurers, as well as the small businesses making significant impact in Frisco's thriving economy. View our Texas Profile Page.

From kid-friendly pursuits to adult ventures, and natural beauty to commercial appeal, Frisco stands tall and inviting, brimming with opportunities for all. So, buckle up and get ready to uncover what makes Frisco truly unique as we guide you through all that this remarkable, growing town has to offer.

Igniting Minds at Sci-Tech Discovery Center in Frisco, Texas

Situated in the heart of Frisco, the Sci-Tech Discovery Center is an educational powerhouse, committed to fueling the budding innovators, critical thinkers, and problem-solvers of tomorrow. Their ethos is encapsulated in their motto - providing mind-stretching fun for all ages.

At the core of Sci-Tech's appeal is its interactive, hands-on approach to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The center features a variety of exhibits, all designed to offer a tangible, engaging experience delving into the exciting world of STEM. From showcasing principles of physics to hosting workshops that inspire creativity, discovery is abundant at every corner.


Sci-Tech isn’t just for kids. They offer field trips, educator open houses, and a myriad of community programs to cater to the perpetual learners, irrespective of their age. They also offer various public programs, home school programs, and scouting programs to ensure that they're reaching out to as many young minds as possible.

One of their noticeable programs is the "Teen Tech Internship" aimed at fostering technological skills among teenagers. Besides this, they host Daily Discoveries providing sci-tech enlightenment to visitors regularly – a true gem for those intrigued by the wonders of science and technology.

In a nutshell, the Sci-Tech Discovery Center is more than just a museum, it's a space of exploration, creativity, and most importantly, learning. It is an enduring testament to the city of Frisco, Texas's dedication to fostering innovation and excellence. Visit Sci-Tech Discovery Center and uncover the magic of hands-on learning! View our profile.

Discover the Unique Coaching Experience at Player2Player in Frisco, Texas

Unlock the full potential of aspiring athletes with Player2Player - a unique athletic coaching platform in Frisco, Texas that connects young players with dedicated and skilled high school coaches. Experience the power of precise, personalized coaching in a wide variety of sports including baseball, basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and many more.

Established in Austin in 2018, Player2Player has expanded to serve Frisco, Allen, Celina, Prosper, and McKinney as well. Their substantial roster of top-notch coaches from renowned schools in North Texas guarantees expertise and commitment to foster your child's athletic development.

At Player2Player, they believe in quality one-on-one lessons and clinics. Their elite high school coaches undergo a strict screening process, ensuring they can impart their sports knowledge effectively while exhibiting responsibility and discipline.


Booking a lesson is simple and convenient using the "Search Coaches" option or the "Book a Lesson" tab on their website. From beginners in kindergarten to advanced 8th graders, Player2Player is your go-to resource for tailored guidance and support for your young athlete. Lessons can be held at your home, in neighborhood parks, or any other location you prefer, making it even more accessible.

Player2Player also offers year-round sports camps and clinics in North Texas, targeting various athletic abilities and interests. These camps include reaction and agility clinics, dance and cheer prep camps, and team sports camps, all aiming to supplement your child's classes and team practices.

So, enter the world of Player2Player and witness the transformative impact firsthand. Give your child the opportunity to learn, grow, and excel alongside dedicated student coaches in Frisco, Texas. View our profile.

Young Chefs Academy of Frisco

Bhavna Gupta is the Managing Owner of two Young Chefs Academy locations, one in Allen, Texas, and Frisco, Texas. She was born in India, the spice capital of the world, and moved to the United States in 2002. For more than 13 years, Bhavna and her husband, as well as their two girls, have called Frisco home.


Bhavna was brought up in a family that has been in the catering business for decades, so she was exposed to the culinary world from an early age and grew up with all of the tastes, flavors, and fragrances of various foreign cuisines. She chose to create her own firm and be her own boss after more than 15 years in the corporate sector, managing numerous Admin & HR departments for others.


Seasonal cooking experiences at the Young Chefs Academy provide an immersive culinary adventure for our community's young chefs, encouraging them to expand their culinary knowledge and self-confidence. Every day is jam-packed with exciting, hands-on activities as you learn new culinary skills and techniques. Their knowledgeable crew is ready to provide a well-rounded experience that is both educational and entertaining! Seasonal camp adventures are accessible all year...they're open when school is out!

Each fully immersive, 3-hour / multi-day camp experience will include:

  • New dishes, techniques, and topics introduced every week.
  • The science of baking as well as the art of cooking.
  • Competitions and fun challenges
  • NEW & BASIC Techniques, hints, and tricks in the kitchen
  • Lessons that stimulate creative expression and discoveries.
  • From novice to seasoned chef, there's something for everyone!
  • The young chefs will be exposed to some of the most recent culinary trends, allowing them to expand their creativity to new heights! Only at Young Chefs Academy can you have fantastic fun!



Frisco is an excellent place to raise children. The city is commonly referred to as “Sports City USA” and is home to numerous professional and collegiate sports teams. It also offers excellent public and private schools, as well as ample activities for children, from outdoor parks and swimming pools to libraries and museums. View our profile.

i9 Sports-Frisco

i9 Sports is the nation's largest multi-sport supplier focusing only on high-quality, community-based kids' sports leagues, with more than 3 million registrations across the United States. In today's most popular sports such as soccer, flag football, basketball, baseball, Lacrosse, and volleyball, they provide recreational sports leagues, camps, and clinics for boys and girls. That’s why there is a lot of camps such as lacrosse summer camps, baseball summer camps, or soccer summer camps. The coaches and instructors deliver age-appropriate tuition that is both enjoyable for children and practical for busy families.


This team creates a fun environment where children can improve their athletic talents, acquire excellent sportsmanship, and boost their self-esteem.

They offer a convenient, well-organized program that does not take up too much of their time for parents.

The programs are based around The i9 Sports Experience:

  • Professional management — there is always someone on hand to assist you.
  • You always know where you need to go and when you need to be there because of proactive communication.
  • Online access to the most current schedules, standings, and statistics is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Each program received a feedback survey; they want to know how they can better serve you.

The i9 Sports Experience involves having family attend practice and games to support their athlete (s). As a spectator, motivator, and role model, the staff encourages at least one parent or guardian to participate in all game-day events. Let's team up to bring the "fun" back to kid sports! Summer sports camps are always fun!


The Frisco Independent School District (FISD) serves the growing town of Frisco, Texas. Located in rapidly-growing Collin County, FISD currently serves 52,000+ students from Frisco as well as the small towns of Little Elm and Prosper. The district is comprised of 75 total campuses and is considered one of the top districts in Texas, boasting a graduation rate well above the state average. Aside from its academic success, the district offers a wide range of extracurricular activities, sports, and other enrichment opportunities, giving students a well-rounded educational experience. Collin College, a local community college, also serves Frisco residents, allowing students to pursue higher education close to home.


We recognize that you have options for swim lessons, but you have to consider FriscoSwim as your best option. FriscoSwim has the highest instructor-to-student ratio, ensuring that each student receives personalized attention and value.

The majority of the classes had only two pupils in them. Their maximum class size is three people (for beginner/intermediate levels, two instructors). The FriscoSwim difference also includes the level of training and experience of their teachers. FriscoSwim's method of instruction has shown to be both practical and distinctive.

Why FriscoSwim?

  • Smaller classes have a significant impact on students' learning.
  • Lessons are both problematic and enjoyable, thanks to their knowledgeable instructors.
  • Individual attention to students’ demands speeds up learning.
  • They don't have a lot of people there. Individual attention is given to each swimmer.
  • The same knowledgeable educator will lead each lesson.

Their Approach

  • The class size is small (only two students for most classes)
  • Their one-of-a-kind methods help you get results faster.
  • Confidence is built via encouragement and celebration.
  • Swimming lessons that are enjoyable equal happy, successful swimmers!
  • Individualized instruction focuses on the skill level and inherent abilities of each kid.

Whether you’re looking for a summer sports camp, a summer cooking camp, or a summer swim camp, you’re sure to find plenty of options in Frisco, Texas. The three discussed above are our top recommendations that are guaranteed to leave you with happy children every after every single day spent at each camp!

BrickLAB Inc: Crafting Innovation and Creativity in Frisco, Texas

Welcome to the world of BrickLAB Inc, a groundbreaking concept injecting innovation and inspiration into the hearts of Frisco. This creative company merges education with entertainment, cultivating an imaginative playground that cultivates STEM-based learning through play.

Equipped with specialized tables, chairs, and computers, the lab-like environment of BrickLAB is designed to both stimulate and celebrate creativity. Additionally, it features stop-motion film rooms, offering a unique platform for kids to bring their imaginative block-building creations to life, all while dipping their toes in the fascinating world of animation.

BrickLAB offers a wide array of engaging programs. Their after-school activities, designed with a keen focus on STEM applications, serve as an excellent extension to regular schooling. They also have a remarkable summer camp program, although it will resume in 2023.


For dedicated LEGO enthusiasts, BrickLAB's 'Maker Space' is a treasure trove. The space houses thousands of neatly organized LEGO pieces, creating a paradise for free-form building. Further enhancing their services, BrickLAB offers exclusive memberships, packed with an array of benefits to its loyal community.

Importantly, BrickLAB facilitates an environment where children can improve their problem-solving ability and mathematical thinking, as shared by a pleased parent. This mirrors their pursuit to make learning enjoyable and beneficial to a well-rounded, academic growth.

Bursting with creative energy and endless possibilities, BrickLAB is more than just a hub for block building—it's a cornerstone of innovation and creativity in Frisco, Texas. View our profile.

Enriching Lives Through Performances: The North Texas Performing Arts in Frisco, Texas

Welcome to the world of North Texas Performing Arts (NTPA), a cornerstone of performing arts education and family entertainment in the vibrant city of Frisco, Texas. At NTPA, their mantra is clear - to develop the character of youth through quality performing arts education and enrich their lives through exhilarating family entertainment.

NTPA pulsates with a heartfelt passion for performing arts, aiming to ignite the same spark in young performers across North Texas. They offer an extensive range of interactive programs designed to nurture talent, boost self-confidence and encourage teamwork amongst the participants.

Under the guidance of dedicated instructors, students delve into various aspects of theater, including acting, singing, and dancing. The skills they acquire not only transform them into accomplished performers but also empower their personal growth trajectory, instilling discipline, commitment, and leadership qualities.

However, NTPA isn't merely a hub for educational growth; it is also a thriving venue for top-notch family entertainment. Here, the magic of theater unfolds, giving one the opportunity to witness an amalgamation of raw talent and artistic excellence.

The not-for-profit organization also welcomes donations, which it utilizes to continue its mission of providing unparalleled performing arts education and creating opportunities for young talents.

In a nutshell, the North Texas Performing Arts sets the stage ablaze with its unwavering dedication to fostering creativity, building character, and offering unprecedented entertainment. Join their journey and experience firsthand the transformative power of performing arts in Frisco, Texas.


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