Summer Camps Near Me in Mesa, AZ
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Summer Camps Near Me in Mesa, AZ

Mesa, AZ is a smaller suburban area located in Phoenix. It’s got the same scorching desert heat that everyone tries to escape from. With school being out, kids are likely stuck in the house trying to avoid a sunburn, but there are other ways to avoid the heat. Why not enroll them in an indoor summer camp or an outdoor one if they’re up for it!
Let’s take a look at our top recommended summer camps in Mesa, AZ to give your kid(s) a summer they’ll love!
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Mesa Kids Camp

If you’re looking for a day summer camp in Mesa, AZ that runs practically all day, this is the camp for you. Mesa Kids Camp is one of the most unique summer camp programs for several reasons. For starters, their camp runs daily from 7am to 6pm. It’s an all-day event. The camp focuses on indoor activities with outdoor field trips rather than being outside in the sun all day long.
Every day has a few consistencies. The day always starts with some form of physical activity that emphasizes self-discipline such as karate or tumbling. It’s a great way to get the body moving, enhance self-esteem, gain strength, and learn about peer support. There is also always a field trip of some kind, an activity time, a theme time, and of course meal and rest times!
The activity times are where the camp counselors focus on group and teamwork through activities like dodgeball, kickball, tag, etc. Theme time, which is one of the coolest aspects to Mesa Kids Camp, is where the counselors create life size versions of popular games like Angry Birds or Nerf operations! It’s a phenomenal way for kids to engage their imagination, make new friends, and have the time fly by! There are also downtime activities like arts and crafts, reading, and simple board games for when energy levels need some replenishing! VIEW PROFILE


Alta Mesa

Alta Mesa is a golf club located in Mesa, AZ with a luxurious 18-hole golf course, a pool, dining, and free use of all facilities for kids under age 22 whose parents are members of the club. If you’re an avid golfer yourself and have been looking for a new club, this is the place for you to practice your craft and introduce your kids to the sport! Their membership includes full use of the golf course, the practice area, equipment, golf carts and all facility perks like the pool and restaurant. Kids are allowed on all fields, but they can also hangout at the pool (supervised) on those hot Arizona days!
Kids love the club because it feels like a second home. They’ll get to play with their parents on the golf course, watch, learn, and enjoy the outdoors. When the suns at its worst, they can hop it the pool or grab a soda from the restaurant. They’re always welcome and it’s a great way to get some family bonding time in during the summer months. VIEW PROFILE


Mesa Rock Climbing and Fitness Center

For those kiddos who you just can’t keep off of the countertops and treetops, Mesa Rim Climbing offers a summer camp in Mesa, AZ that’ll scratch that itch for kids! Mesa Rim Climbing and Fitness Center is an indoor gym that focuses on rock climbing for all skill levels. They also host yoga classes and various fitness classes. However, their youth summer camp is really where the fun is.
The camp runs each week through August 12th in 5-day intervals. It’s for kids ages 6-13 years old and kids will be paired with their respective age groups. So, there’s no fear of your 6-year-old climbing alongside a 12-year-old, phew! The camp runs from 9am-3pm and campers are required to bring their own lunch, but everything else is provided! They’ll learn all about rock climbing from the ground to the mountain tops! Everyday will be filled with fun activities that train and teach to improve confidence and skill levels. They’ll get to climb every day, attached to the harness of course. They’ll make friends, enhance their fitness, and have a blast cheering each other on!
What’s cool about this camp is you can take it on multiple weeks if your child wants. They also offer individual training sessions for those who want to continue to enhance their skills after camp is over! VIEW PROFILE


Mathnasium Mesa North

Mathnasium actually has five locations throughout Mesa, AZ, but their North Mesa location is their most popular. Mathnasium is a unique tutoring center that offers a day camp for avid math learners. The camp is ideal for kids who are behind in math and need to catch up before the next school year. However, it’s also a great camp for kids with a love of learning and who just truly love math and want to advance their knowledge!
The day summer camp in Mesa helps kids learn math through fun activities like custom games, worksheets, puzzles, etc. This isn’t a typical tutoring center. Your kid will not just be sitting at a desk for 5 hours solving math equations. They’ll learn through activities they enjoy, because Mathnasium believes in making learning fun, not feared! They support and encourage, striving to help increase kids’ math knowledge, but also their self esteem and confidence within themselves. VIEW PROFILE


With so many camps in Mesa, finding the perfect one can feel overwhelming. These are definitely our top picks though and we hope you feel a little less stressed about the decision! Whether you want an all day camp or just something for your kids to do for a few hours, there’s a summer camp in Mesa for them!

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