Are you looking for summer camps near me in Nashville, TN? Maybe you are overwhelmed by the process of finding the perfect camp for your kids. That's where we come in!
We have put together some of the best summer camps in Nashville, TN that will hopefully eliminate some of the stress involved in selecting a place to send your child. Make sure you take a peek at our explore page for some more summer camps in Nashville, TN.
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The Nashville Sports Council

The Nashville Sports Council is a non-profit organization with the mission to help children learn about sports and fitness through fun and educational activities. The organization offers a wide variety of sports camps for children of all ages.
The Nashville Sports Council offers summer camps at various locations throughout the city. Each camp is designed to fit the needs of every child and every family. The Nashville Sports Council hosts several different types of sports camps each year, including soccer camps, basketball camps, cheerleading camps, dance camps, baseball camps, softball camps, and more! There are even overnight residential programs that let you stay overnight with other families while attending one of their events or activities! You can sign up online today!
The camps also offer after-school programs for youth who have reached high school age. They also have an after-school program for elementary school-aged children who are interested in learning about sports or fitness. VIEW PROFILE

Nashville Children’s Theatre

Nashville Children’s Theatre is a great place for kids to explore their creativity, learn new skills, and make new friends. They have summer camps in Nashville TN that are open to kids of all ages.
The summer camp programs at Nashville Children’s Theatre are fun, educational, and affordable! The theater offers classes such as dance, music, drama, and more. These classes are designed to help children develop their talents while enhancing their social skills!
Nashville Children’s Theatre also offers after-school programs so parents can get some much-needed time away from their children. These programs include learning how to act or perform on stage, art lessons, dance instruction, performing arts education, tutoring sessions, and special events throughout the year so you don't have to miss out on any part of your child's development! VIEW PROFILE

Adventure Science Center

There are tons of summer camps in Nashville, TN that will keep your children busy and happy. If you're looking for a camp that has a bit of an educational twist though, you have to check out this one!
Adventure Science Center is one of the best programs in town. This is a great place for kids in Nashville, TN to spend the summer! It's located just off of Middle Tennessee Boulevard at the corner of Murfreesboro Pike and Cookeville Road.
They teach young students about science and technology as well as how to stay safe while having fun. The program is split up into six different sessions throughout the year so that students can attend when they need help with specific topics. This summer, they'll be hosting a science fair where students will get to conduct experiments on their own or work with other campers at their age level.

Nashville Creative House

Nashville Creative House is a unique summer camp in Nashville, TN. The goal of the camp is to provide high-quality educational experiences for children who would not otherwise have access to them. They believe that all children should be able to experience academic rigor and creative expression during their childhood years.
The camp offers many different activities that encourage the development of your child's talents: art classes, music classes, dance classes, and more! There are also plenty of opportunities to connect with other kids at this camp. The staff works hard to create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable expressing themselves and are encouraged to learn from each other!
The age limit at Nashville Creative House is 8-12 years old (with an option to attend year-round).

Nashville Dance Center

Nashville Dance Center is your go-to dance school for kids of all ages. They offer a variety of programs and classes, from ballet to hip hop, jazz to tap, and more.
Their dedicated team of educators will help you select the perfect class for your child. Whether it's their first dance class or their 100th, this camp will help them grow into confident dancers who enjoy learning new skills and exploring new ideas. The camp is open to children ages 6-16 who want to learn new dance moves or improve their existing ones.
Nashville Dance Center has many different types of classes available during the summer months:
For example, their ballet classes are taught by professional ballerinas who have been trained at The International Ballet Academy in New York City. They provide instruction in ballet technique as well as performance training that gives students a solid foundation for their future careers as dancers. Each type of dance is taught by the pros so you know your kids are getting the training they desire! VIEW PROFILE


While it is good to tailor camp choices to fit all of your child's interests, sometimes it's a good idea to collapse the pool of possibilities down to just a few so that they don't feel overwhelmed! There are plenty of options on this list as well as on our explore page linked above so we hope you found at least one your kiddo will enjoy!
If you have any questions about summer camps in Nashville, Tennessee, or about anything else, feel free to reach out to us!
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