Summer Camps Near Me in Portland, OR
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Summer Camps Near Me in Portland, OR

Attending summer camp in Portland, OR is a great way for your kids to spend time friends while learning new things and having fun! Summer camps are also a great way to help kids develop their social skills by interacting with others in an environment that is safe and nurturing.

Several summer camps are open during the summer months in Portland. They range from high-quality camps for kids with special needs to day camps for children who want to learn about nature or sports.

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Shooting Star Adventures

Shooting Star Adventures is a premier provider of unique outdoor excursions in Oregon's wilderness. Their services cater to a broad spectrum of ages and preferences, making it perfect for exploration of Oregon's natural wonders.

Create Lasting Summer Memories in Portland, Oregon

As the summer days lengthen and families in Portland, Oregon begin to plan their activities, Shooting Star Adventures transmutes into a perfect hub for summer camps, providing memorable experiences for participants of all ages.


Let your Kids Embrace the Wilderness

For families in Portland seeking to engage their young ones in the outdoors to gain essential survival skills, Shooting Star Adventures is the pinnacle. Their summer programs help kids disconnect from digital distractions, learn about the environment, and appreciate nature around them.

Guided Tours with Skilled Professionals

Guided by skilled professionals, Shooting Star Adventure's safe, expertly managed outdoor activities, from hiking to camping and exploration, provide optimum value for families, friends or corporate teams. Enjoy exceptional experiences, bonding, and self-challenge amidst the serene beauty of Oregon's backdrops.

Summer Camp Option – Beyond the Usual

Considering summer camp options in Portland, Oregon? Dial into Shooting Star Adventures for an enriching experience that transcends the traditional summer camp itinerary. Offer your loved ones an opportunity to dive deep into the charms of nature and see the world anew. VIEW PROFILE

shooting star adventures

Portland Music Company

Portland Music Company is a summer camp for kids and teens who are interested in music. They offer classes for guitar, drums, bass, piano, and voice. They also offer lessons for singing and songwriting. The age limit is 7-13 years old with an average age of 9 years old.

The activities at Portland Music Company include music lessons, guitar lessons, voice lessons, and piano lessons. There are also outdoor activities like swimming and hiking. The camp has a variety of different rooms so that the children can have plenty of privacy when they are doing their music or art projects.

The classes are designed to make your kids feel successful by giving them a clear understanding of what they need to do to be successful. VIEW PROFILE

Adx Portland

Summer camps are a great way to get your child or teen out of the house and into a fun, productive setting.

Adx Portland is a summer camp in Portland, Oregon that offers a variety of activities including archery, canoeing, arts and crafts, basketball, climbing, games, karate, and more. The camp is open to children ages 8-12.

Adx Portland is a unique program that combines the best of both worlds: traditional summer camps with the flexibility they need to succeed in today's world. Adx Portland provides all of the necessary resources needed to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially. 

They also offer multiple options for each age group to accommodate their specific needs. All of the programs are run by highly-trained professionals who have been personally trained. In addition, they also have classes for parents and caregivers as well as aftercare options available after school hours and on weekends so there's no reason why your child cannot participate year-round! VIEW PROFILE

Cyo Camp Howard

Cyo Camp Howard is a camp for kids from ages 6 through 12. 

They offer daily activities such as sports, music, movies, art, science, drama, and more! They also have classes on how to be good leaders whether it be in sports or other activities they do at camp. They even have a Teen Camp where kids between the ages of 13-17 can come learn more about what it means to be a responsible adult, leader, and friend.

The camp has plenty of space for all the children who attend the camp so they can have plenty of fun while they are there. Many parents who send their children to this summer camp say that it is one of the best camps they have ever sent their children too because they get so much out of it! 


The Gorham Arts Alliance

Gorham Arts Alliance is a summer camp in Portland Oregon. This is a center that offers year round classes in various forms of art to kid sup to 17 years old. The center hosts several summer programs each year that allow students to express themselves through dance, drama, or art. They feel that kids deserve to have an exciting summer that also teaches them about self expression, creative freedom, and socialization.

The Gorham Arts Alliance allows children to participate in three different programs: Dance Camps (ages 5-14), Art Camps (ages 5-16), and Drama Camps (ages 6-17). Each program has its own activities including theatre productions, dance lessons, sciences labs, and more. VIEW PROFILE

In conclusion, Shooting Star Adventures offers an exceptional opportunity for children and families in Oregon to step away from their screens and immerse themselves in the enchanting world of nature. It is the perfect escape for kids to connect with the outdoors, develop essential skills, and foster an appreciation for the environment that will last a lifetime.

Throughout the pandemic, families have faced unprecedented challenges, making it more crucial than ever to prioritize well-being and balance. Summer camps, like those offered by Shooting Star Adventures, provide an invaluable experience for kids and families to rediscover the joys of exploration and connection, and emerge stronger, refreshed, and resilient.

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Don't miss this incredible chance to let your children revel in the magic of Oregon's great outdoors with Shooting Star Adventures, and join countless other families who prioritize well-being, personal growth, and unforgettable connections through the cherished tradition of summer camp experiences.

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