Summer Adventures at the Crossroads of Fun and Faith: Discover Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima
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Summer Adventures at the Crossroads of Fun and Faith: Discover Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima

Hey, camp-lovers!

Imagine a perfect summer with adventures waiting at your doorstep each morning and a sky full of stars to bid you goodnight. Sounds dreamy, right? Discover this and more at Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima. A unique blend of faith, fun, and friendship develops at our camps nestled in the scenic vista of New Hampshire. Intrigued? You should be!

Epic Summers

Sailing across glittering waters, hitting the bulls-eye in archery, or flexing those creative muscles at the craft center-- there’s never a dull moment at our camps. Weaving together classic camping traditions with dynamic activities, we guarantee summer days soaking in fun and laughter.

And hey, remember the excitement of performing that epic camp skit? We've got that covered too with Bernie/Fatima Days and spirited Color Wars!

More than Just Prayers

At Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima, faith is a shared, lived experience. This isn’t about reciting prayers, but rather creating a warm community that lives the spirit of the Catholic faith.

We believe that faith fills all aspects of camp life, from the loud cheers on the sports field to the quiet conversations held under the starlight. It doesn't have to be overwhelming, faith can be experienced in simple things and in quieter moments.

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Friends for a Lifetime

Sure, everyone makes friends at camp, but friendships minted at our camps are a little more special. At Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima, we believe in creating an environment that fosters camaraderie, respect, trust, and loads of shared memories. You might arrive as strangers, but you leave as family.

Looking for a refreshing take on the faith-based summer camping experience? Check this out!

Growing Up is Fun Here!

Leaving Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima, you take back more than just memories. You emerge stronger, bolder, and ready to take on life's adventures. Here's to the summers spent honing confidence, finding independence, and nurturing responsibility.

Folks, Camp Bernadette and Camp Fatima are here to revolutionize your summers. Spread across the beautiful landscapes of New Hampshire's divine nature, the camps provide an ideal balance of faith-filled fun, personal growth, and friendships that last a lifetime. Take a leap into this great adventure and make every summer count!

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