Top 10 Reasons why Colvig Silver Camps Tops the List of Summer Camps in Colorado
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Top 10 Reasons why Colvig Silver Camps Tops the List of Summer Camps in Colorado

Welcome to the enchanting world of summer camps in Colorado, a place where the majesty of soaring mountains meets the joyous laughter of children exploring the wilderness. Nestled amidst this breathtaking landscape, Colvig Silver Camps stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to nurturing growth, adventure, and community. Here, under the vast Colorado sky that stretches endlessly above, we embark on a journey that goes beyond the traditional summer camp experience, weaving memories that last a lifetime.

Colorado, with its splendid panoramas spanning from the rugged peaks of the Rockies to the tranquil beauty of its alpine forests and rivers, offers a natural playground unlike any other. It's a state where the spirit of adventure pulses through the air, inviting both young and old to step outside and discover the wonders of the natural world. At every turn, the landscape whispers tales of exploration, promising endless opportunities for personal growth and learning.

In the heart of this extraordinary setting, Colvig Silver Camps captures the essence of Colorado's love for the outdoors. Our camp is more than just a place; it's a vibrant community where campers and staff come together, united by a shared passion for adventure and a deep respect for the natural world. We celebrate the rich tapestry that each individual brings to our camp, creating an inclusive environment where every child feels valued, understood, and connected.

  1. Embrace the Great Outdoors
  2. Cultivating Life Skills
  3. Warm Community Embrace
  4. Unplugged from Screens, Plugged into Nature
  5. Encouraging Personal Growth
  6. Professional and Passionate Staff
  7. Challenge By Choice Philosophy
  8. Respect for Diversity and Heritage
  9. Safety as a Steadfast Priority
  10. Endless Adventure, Lifelong Memories

As we delve into the "Top 10 Reasons why Colvig Silver Camps Tops the List of Summer Camps in Colorado," we invite you to imagine the possibilities that await. From the echo of laughter by the campfire to the thrill of reaching new heights, both literally and figuratively, the memories made here are etched into the hearts of our campers, shaping them into caring, thoughtful, and responsible human beings.

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Come, join us on this adventure, where every day is an opportunity to grow, explore, and belong. Welcome to Colvig Silver Camps, where the magic of summer in Colorado comes alive.

Top 10 Reasons Colvig Silver Camps Is Your Child's Best Summer Camps Colorado

Nestled in the heart of the great Colorado outdoors, Colvig Silver Camps is a beacon of adventure, personal growth, and community spirit. Each summer, families entrust us with the care and development of their children, seeking more than just a camp experience—they're looking for a place where their kids can thrive, connect, and embark on adventures that foster resilience, teamwork, and respect for nature.

As we venture into the heart of what makes Colvig Silver Camps unparalleled in providing a transformative summer adventure, here are the ten cornerstone reasons that embody our commitment to nurturing young minds in the grandeur of Colorado's natural landscape.

  1. Embrace the Great Outdoors - Among the myriad of summer camps in Colorado, Colvig Silver Camps stands as a beacon of adventure, offering an alluring invitation to children to embrace the sprawling beauty of the great outdoors and nurture a heartfelt connection with nature's endless wonders.

  2. Cultivating Life Skills - Colvig Silver Camps, a gem among summer camps in Colorado, is not simply a location but a journey in cultivating essential life skills. Here, amidst the whispers of the aspen trees, children learn the art of decision-making, the strength found in teamwork, and the courage to lead.

  3. Warm Community Embrace - The familial embrace that defines Colvig Silver Camps enriches the landscape of summer camps in Colorado with shared stories, laughter, and the tight-knit community that supports young ones as they weave their own thread into our vibrant tapestry.

  4. Unplugged from Screens, Plugged into Nature - At Colvig Silver Camps, a leader among summer camps in Colorado, we invite your child to unplug from devices and recharge in the boundless energy of nature, where every bird's song and rustling leaf opens a door to new discoveries.

  5. Encouraging Personal Growth - The nurturing environment at Colvig Silver Camps sets it apart from other summer camps in Colorado, offering a fertile ground where personal growth is as encouraged as plant life in the rich Colorado soil, allowing each camper’s potential to blossom.

  6. Professional and Passionate Staff - Within the family of summer camps in Colorado, Colvig Silver Camps shines with a staff whose dedication forms the compass that guides campers through a journey of self-discovery and joy within the security of their knowledgeable presence.

  7. Challenge By Choice Philosophy - Colvig Silver Camps upholds a unique philosophy uncommon in typical summer camps in Colorado, giving children the power to meet challenges on their terms, fostering inner strength and a true sense of accomplishment.

  8. Respect for Diversity and Heritage - Our embrace of diverse stories within the inclusive space of Colvig Silver Camps enriches the tapestry of summer camps in Colorado. Here, every child is valued, every background is celebrated, and every experience enriches our shared heritage.

  9. Safety as a Steadfast Priority - Amidst the excitement of exploring summer camps in Colorado, Colvig Silver Camps remains steadfast in our commitment to safety, ensuring that every adventure is anchored in a secure, caring, and attentively supervised environment.

  10. Endless Adventure, Lifelong Memories - As families seek summer camps in Colorado, Colvig Silver Camps promises not just a single season of adventure, but a lifetime of cherished memories, sculpting stories and friendships that endure well beyond the last campfire of summer.

With each breath of mountain air and every night spent under the vast Colorado sky, Colvig Silver Camps is dedicated to delivering an impeccable experience. It's more than just a summer camp; it's a nurturing ground for the next generation of thoughtful, responsible, and connected individuals.

Allow me to take a moment to share the magical history of our haven nestled within the breathtaking expanse of Colorado's wilderness. Colvig Silver Camps began as a dream and a promise back in 1969, when founders Craig and Mary Colvig recognized an exquisite canvas of possibility in the lands outside Durango, Colorado. They embarked on a mission infused with the principles of self-esteem, personal identity, and leadership—all to be nurtured within a refreshingly non-competitive setting. Our foundation was built upon the spirit of the much-admired Silver Spruce Camp for Boys and Silver Saddle Camp for Girls, turning a new leaf for children’s camping in this region.


Their passion spurred them on a beautiful journey of exploration, armed with the humblest of resources including five kayaks, a few faithful horses, and backpacks filled with dreams. Throughout this beautiful odyssey, our founders made an incredible discovery -- the heart of our CSC community. They found a home in Red Creek Valley, where we have since flourished across over 600 acres, with 40 buildings, enveloping campers in a sense of shared belonging across our different sites: Homestead, Outpost, and Pathfinding.

For 12 remarkable years, our community thrived under Craig and Mary's loving stewardship. As the number of campers grew, our resources multiplied, in both tangible and intangible ways — a testament to our mission’s resonance amongst families. Despite the unspeakable tragedies that befell us in 1981, the dream lived on. The Colvig brothers took forth the torch of their father's legacy, while much-loved assistant directors, Frosty and Sam, ensured the course stayed steady.

The subsequent years saw the mantle pass from Frosty and Sam, to Uncle Jim, leading us toward a new decade of growth and transformation. Cameron Colvig and his wife Nicole, armed with a trove of psychological insights and a massive St. Bernard, stepped up to the responsibility as directors in 1993, revamping the CSC offering and making lasting relationships within the camping community. The reigns of Colvig Silver Camps then returned to the eldest Colvig brother, Clay, who exchanged his architect's blueprints for the rewarding canvas of camp life, ensuring the continuation of our cherished legacy.

At the heart of it all, our success is a community-driven saga. We honor the contributions that have been generously poured into our camp by amazing families like the Weidmanns, Hudson, Barkleys, and many others. These invaluable efforts, along with the steadfast dedication of our year-round management staff, have shaped the Colvig Silver Camps we know and love today.

CSC stands tall, not just as a family-owned and operated entity, but as an evolving organism nurtured by countless hands over the years. Two generations of Colvigs have poured their hearts into this camp, with Cassidy's return in 2011 as Site Manager bringing us great joy. It has been a luminous journey for us, and we look forward to the trail that lies ahead.

We remain unwavering in our mission to instill deep appreciation for outdoor ethics and respect for our incredible natural world. We celebrate each opportunity to foster personal growth, self-esteem, and leadership in every camper who wanders into our care; be it within the traditional setting of our camp, or beyond in the vast, glorious wilderness that we are privileged to call home.

So, dear parents, as you ponder over summer camps in Colorado, know that Colvig Silver Camps isn't just a place, it's a legacy. It's not just an adventure, it's a cherished life experience that your child will hold dear for a lifetime. We invite you to be part of this incredible journey, embracing personal development, fostering a sense of community and, above all, experiencing the power and magic of our extraordinary outdoor world. With us, rest assured, it's not just summer—it's a season of transformation.

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