A Unique International Summer Camp Experience: Camp Kimama Halfmoon
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A Unique International Summer Camp Experience: Camp Kimama Halfmoon

In the beautiful setting of the Berkshires in Massachusetts, you'll find the thriving summer community of Camp Kimama Halfmoon. This camp is anything but ordinary. It embraces a multicultural heritage, inviting children from across the globe to join its unique Israeli cultural immersion program.

A Distinct Blend of Cultures

Drawing from a rich history of over a hundred years, Kimama Halfmoon prides itself on being more than just a summer camp. Their approach goes beyond conventional summer experiences, focusing on giving campers a taste of authentic Israeli culture.


This Israeli experience includes an array of sensory exposures. From learning and using Hebrew and English, enjoying traditional Israeli cuisine, participating in cultural games and dances, to listening to Israeli music, the children are immersed in a lifestyle that offers a taste of Israeli culture.

While the camp's foundation rests on Israeli culture, Rachel emphasizes that their doors are wide open to all children, regardless of their religious or cultural background. The focus lies not on religiosity, but on a shared appreciation of Israeli culture, creating a distinctive cultural blend that sets Kimama Halfmoon apart.

An Unforgettable Cultural Journey

Offering a sense of a "vacation to Israel without actually going to Israel," Camp Kimama Halfmoon weaves a cultural thread through every aspect of its summer camp programming. Alongside traditional camp activities, campers learn about and experience another culture in depth. This includes a chance to interact with fellow campers from Israel, which provides a truly multicultural experience.

With a camp experience as rich and varied as this one, Camp Kimama Halfmoon showcases the true power of fostering international friendship and understanding through shared experiences. The cultural exchange goes beyond just shared activities—it becomes part of a summer memory that lasts a lifetime.

Unveiling a Day in Camp Life & Discovering Everything New

Daily Routines - Freedom, Choices & Connections

At Camp Kimama Halfmoon, campers are part of a unique community, where they form a special bond with their bunks, age group, and the entire camp. Here, we love to call our groups 'tribes' or 'families' that aptly epitomizes who we are and the connections we foster every day.

We believe in 'the freedom to be me,' providing a safe, screen-free environment that inspires personal exploration. At Kimama, campers are encouraged but never coerced to try new things. Choice is an integral part of our daily routines – we aim to let our campers decide how they spend their time, ensuring the perfect blend of structured and self-guided activities.

As the day unfolds, it includes a morning meeting and diversified activity blocks that cater to every camper's interests - sports, crafts, arts, pottery, ropes, and archery, among others. Our camp activities guarantee that each child explores their potential in their selected fields while enjoying the freedom to experiment and switch between options.

Moreover, we sparkle the session with a minimum of five special days at camp- Color Wars, talent shows, and relaxing Shabbat days promise a memorable experience that goes beyond an ordinary camp day.

Dates, Times & Sessions - Made for Every Camper

As we cater to every camp enthusiast, Kimama Halfmoon is proud to host a day camp and an overnight camp in the same setting. Our popular overnight sessions now span three weeks, extended from the previous two weeks, responding promptly to parents' feedback and experiences.

Camp kickstarts with our first session from June 23rd to July 14th, the second session from July 21st to August 11th, and a special one-week session at the end of August (August 18th to 25th). The shorter session at summer's end accommodates the needs of younger campers and those attending Northeastern schools that start later.

Adding a cherry on top, we also offer a unique two-day New York experience following the three-week sessions. Campers stay an extra night at camp, head to New York City with their international peers, experiencing 'The Big Apple' through an exciting new lens.

Safety & Accreditation - A Priority, Always!

While we are in the process of ACA (American Camps Association) accreditation, all our policies and procedures align perfectly with their standards. We're working in close association with Massachusetts regulatory bodies and inspectors, ensuring your child's safety, well-being, and an environment that nurtures inclusivity.

At Camp Kimama, we strive to provide children with an enriching, safe, and memorable camp experience that fuels creativity, friendships, and life skills. Join us for a rewarding summer, where every day presents a chapter of adventure, fun, and self-discovery. Your child's perfect summer is just a click away with 'Camps With Friends.'

Safety & Camp Support - Surpassing Standards, Ensuring Well-being

Harboring the commitment to bring the utmost fun to our cherished campers, we at Camp Kimama highly value their safety and well-being. Massachusetts, our host state, holds a level of regulation that surpasses all other states in the U.S., offering an unmatched environment for our campers. Additionally, our continuous strive to meet and exceed ACA standards ensures that your child is in safe hands, both physically and emotionally.

Our 24/7 security partnership offers constant surveillance and risk assessment, promising safe and secure grounds for your child's exploits. Beyond the physical, our management team boasts professionals with expertise in psychological, behavioral, and social work backgrounds, creating a nurturing sphere for every camper.

Under the banner of 'freedom to be me', we allow each child to grow, experiment, and experience the joy of summer in their unique ways. We are motivated to make them feel good in their own skin, steering them to a positive, transformative, and screen-free exploration.

International Camper Groups - Israel and Beyond

We pride ourselves on hosting young campers from across the globe. We organize groups from Israel that fly over to the U.S for the entire three-week session, including the flight, the shuttle, and the exceptional New York city trip. However, individual registrations from Israel, or from families vacationing in the U.S, are also welcomed.

Moreover, striving to make a difference, Kimama has been actively working with children and families affected by ongoing situations in Israel. Our initiatives, which include arranging camps and programs within Israel and receiving donations, aim to aid the healing of these children and reintroduce the joys of childhood and typical camp experiences to them.

For the First-Time Summer Camp Families

At Camps With Friends, one of our cardinal goals is to reach first-generation summer camp families or those unfamiliar with the concept of a summer camp. We understand that sending your child away for a summer camp, especially out of town, can be daunting, but rest assured that we are very experienced in this process.

For over 20 years, we have been ensuring safe and smooth travels for campers attending our camps in Europe and America, and continue to do so here, at Massachusetts. Whether your child is an unaccompanied minor or an older camper, our shuttle services ensure their comfortable to-and-fro journey to the Newark airport. Furthermore, we also assist families that prefer accompanying their children to the airport, making sure the process is as convenient as possible.

Trust us at 'Camps With Friends' to make your child's summer memorable, transformative, and, most importantly, safe. We are, after all, not just a camp - we're a community, where children learn, grow, and create lasting memories.

Customizing Your Child's Summer Experience

We understand that parents seek unique and enriching experiences for their children, and the importance of supporting your decision-making process. To better serve your needs, we'll highlight a few key points from our previous conversation, while offering an improved structure for easier reading.

Flexibility and Support for Your Peace of Mind

Camp is all about creating an unforgettable experience from start to finish. Every step of the journey matters, and we're here to hold your hand throughout. Our personalized and responsive approach ensures your child's safe and smooth arrival at camp.

Key takeaway: We offer airport shuttles from Newark, and we'll communicate consistently with both you and your child to give them the warmest welcome upon arrival.

Well-rounded Growth and Impactful Connections

Our program is ideal for the camper who wishes to broaden their cultural boundaries, develop relationships with a diverse group of kids, and engage in a wide array of activities, without intensive focus on one specific area.

Key takeaway: We aim to provide a nurturing environment that embraces different interests and backgrounds for every camper's personal growth and development.

Discover the Tastes of Israel

Campers have the chance to immerse themselves in Israeli culture and gain a better understanding of the country and its people. We not only expose them to a variety of traditions but also develop their sense of identity and connection.

Key takeaway: Make a lasting impact with a sense of belonging and provide a platform for campers to learn more about Israel beyond what they see in the news.

Don't Miss Out on Unforgettable Summers

Now that we've restructured the summary and emphasized the essential concepts from our conversation, we invite you to reach out and learn more about the enriching experiences we offer. By connecting children with incredible opportunities, we're confident we can provide the perfect camp atmosphere for your child's growth and development.

Put your trust in us, and let's work together to create lasting summer memories!


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