Where Can I Find Professional Golf Camps For Kids?
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Where Can I Find Professional Golf Camps For Kids?

Golf is a somewhat under-represented sport among youth sports camps, which can make it tough to find the perfect professional golf camps for young, seriously tee-inclined campers.  However, there are plenty of great options to keep your kid busy on the links this summer—if you know where to look!

Keep Your Clubs Swinging at a Multi-Focus Enrichment Camp

If you can’t find focused, PGA-style golf camps in the area, don’t sweat it. There are bound to be some excellent one-stop, catch-all enrichment camps near you with theme-based options that include golf.

For instance, these two Texas summer camps actually market themselves on a wide range of activities, but include quality golf enrichment options for those kids that want to spend summers on the green. 

  • Yorkshire Academy | Learning for a lifetime: This one-stop summer camp in West Houston and Katy is targeted at kids from 2 years old to 6th grade with half day, full day, and full-time care. Their enrichment options include activities like chess, Spanish, yoga, and yes—golf.
  • Camp Olympia | Over 50 Summers: Boys and girls aged 6-16 can enjoy 1-3 weeks of overnight summer camps in the Piney Woods of East Texas at Camp Olympia.  While there, campers will be able to select from a list of over 45 activities to focus their time, such as wakeboarding, horseback riding, and golf of course!

Attend an All Boys or All Girls Sports Camp

Many gender-specific camps have a strong sports focus. Since boys and girls often compete separately—especially in a professional context—focused golf camps may be easier to find through these sorts of programs.

For example, these two Maine summer camps both offer a robust “land sports & adventure” focus that includes premier facilities, excellent staff, and golf training.

  • Somerset Camp For Girls | Its Somer Time! Girls from 7 to 17 can attend this brand new camp in the Belgrades Lakes region of Maine while engaging in exciting land sports with girls the same age. Programming includes tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, archery, and our favorite—golf! Your campers may even have the opportunity to engage in “The League & Somer Cup Competitions” to take their game to the next level.
  • Camp Manitou: Boys 7-16 can head to this like-minded camp in the Belgrades Lakes region for their own summer of land sports and adventure. Founded in 1947, Manitou is one of the nation’s foremost summer camps for boys. Campers have the opportunity to build skills in sports like baseball, basketball, football, street hockey, fencing, and golf, in addition to potential participation in the “College League.”

Hone Your Talents at Exclusive Golf Camps

Yes, there are absolutely some exclusive golf camps out there to choose from, too.  While tougher to find than multi-sport programs, these golf summer camps will help your kids develop a professional edge with training entirely focused on the sport they love.

There are some free and low-cost fundamentals camps out there, like the first option below. But if you’re lucky enough to live nearby, the PGA-style training at the second option is the cream of the crop.

  • Dallas Parks and Recreation – First Tee Junior Golf: Youth aged 6-12 in the Dallas region can enjoy First Tee Junior Golf Camp completely free of charge  at Highland Park, Cockerhill, and University Park. The program teaches the fundamentals of golf, includes events offered through the city, and helps your camper to develop a love for the sport.
  • Swansea Country Club: In Swansea, Massachusetts, the Swansea Country Club offers incredible golf camps on their own professional course with supplementary programming through their Pool Club.  Your young golfers will enjoy a rigorous ½ day on a Par 3 golf course working under the expert tutelage of a PGA-led staff. Over the second half, they’ll be able to engage in swimming, games, fishing, nature hikes and more with their friends at the Pool Club.

Looking for even more options? Camps With Friends is a convenient mobile app that allows you to quickly and easily filter sports and golf camps by region, age group, and other traits so that you can find the perfect golf camps for your children this summer.