Try These 6 Youth Sports Camps At a Location Near You
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Try These 6 Youth Sports Camps At a Location Near You

Youth sports camps are a diverse and popular subset of camp programs, focused mainly on spending time outdoors, encouraging physical fitness, and building camper camaraderie through teamwork. Here are six of our favorite sports summer camps that you can find at a location near you!

  1. Arizona Soccer Skills Academy
  2. I9 Sports frisco
  3. Red Bull Youth Programs
  4. All-Star Sports Camps
  5. Asylum Gaming and Esports
  6. Bash Sports Academy


1. Arizona Soccer Skills Academy

Embarking on the journey to nurture a young athlete's passion for soccer is both exhilarating and daunting. The Arizona Soccer Skills Academy is a beacon of light in this adventure, located in the vibrant heart of Gilbert, Arizona. This soccer academy is more than just a place to kick a ball; it's a nurturing ground for young talents to blossom, both on and off the field. With a supportive and understanding team of experienced coaches, the academy places a strong emphasis on developing essential life skills alongside soccer techniques.

From mastering the art of teamwork to fostering resilience in the face of challenges, the Arizona Soccer Skills Academy ensures your child not only becomes proficient in the game but also grows as a confident and capable individual. It's a place where dreams are nurtured, skills are honed, and lifelong friendships are forged. Joining the Arizona Soccer Skills Academy means being part of a family that believes in the power of dedication, hard work, and the joy of soccer.

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2. I9 Sports Frisco

At Camps With Friends, we're thrilled to highlight I9 Sports Frisco as a beacon for youth soccer development. Understanding the importance of nurturing young talents, I9 Sports Frisco crafts an environment where kids are not just playing soccer; they're embarking on a growth journey. Their fresh, innovative approach combines skill development, teamwork, and sportsmanship, all wrapped up in a package of fun! The convenience of their programs ensures that every family can find a time that works for them, removing the hassle from the equation.

Whether your child is just starting out or looking to refine their dribbling and goal-scoring abilities, I9 Sports Frisco meets them where they are. They emphasize the joy of the game, encouraging kids to form lasting friendships, build character, and, most importantly, have a blast on the soccer field. Dive into I9 Sports Frisco's youth soccer and watch your child's love for the game flourish.

3. RedBulls Youth Programs

With locations in NY, NJ, CT, and PA, RedBull Youth Program has a major youth sports camps presence in the northeastern regions of the USA. This is a soccer skills sports summer camp for boys and girls alike, and it runs 3-6 hours a day over a 5-day period. Each day focuses on a new topic, with campers assigned to groups based on age and ability. 

The RedBulls program touts benefits such as complimentary tickets to a New York Red Bulls regular season game, program skill levels ranging from Beginner to Elite, and convenient regional locations.

4. All-Star Sports Camps

The All-Star Sports Camps mission is “to help kids be active, healthy, and happy.” Their 3 locations in Texas (South Austin, Cedar Park, and Live Oak) will introduce campers to a range of activities that help them learn teamwork, demonstrate sportsmanship, and develop their athletic skills. The trained coaching staff will guide your child through a range of fun, team-based games and activities while discovering new interests and making lots of friends!  

5. Asylum Gaming and Esports

If your 12-17 year-old camper is more into the esports scene than traditional youth sports camps, Asylum Gaming and Esports in Boston might be just the place for them. Asylum runs yearly esports bootcamps to provide youth with valuable training in a popular hobby that has become a rapidly growing industry, career option, and even a collegiate scholarship opportunity. 

Through five days of coaching at Laugh Boston (on top of regular outside time on the gorgeous Lawn on D), your talented young game will enjoy working with the best hardware from Microsoft and building connections with local esports teams—including an Overwatch team one step away from the Pros!

6. Bash Sports Academy

Chicago-area kids love spending the summer sunshine at baseball skills camps from Bash Sports Academy. Professional instructors who have played at high levels will spend each day coaching your child to become a better ballplayer on both offense and defense while promoting the joy of America’s greatest pastime. 

Actual games, not just drills, will reinforce all new skills. Sandlot-style baseball games take up the afternoon at these youth sports camps while coaches stand back and supervise. Bash has served nearly 2,000 campers, including kids all across Chicago, the suburbs, and even from England, Italy, and Germany.

7. Your Family's Path to Black Belt Starts Here: C.C. Family Martial Arts

Looking for a martial arts school in Corpus Christi that's more than just punches and kicks? C.C. Family Martial Arts offers a unique blend of top-notch instruction, family-friendly values, and a supportive community. Whether your little ninja is just starting or you're a seasoned martial artist, they have a program that's right for you.

At C.C. Family Martial Arts, you'll find:

  • Expert Instructors: Passionate about teaching martial arts and empowering students of all ages.
  • Diverse Disciplines: Explore Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Judo, and more!
  • Focus on Character: Developing discipline, respect, and confidence alongside martial arts skills.
  • Family-Friendly Atmosphere: Creating a welcoming space where everyone feels like they belong.

Ready to see what makes C.C. Family Martial Arts the best choice for your family? Check out their comprehensive blog post on the best martial arts in Corpus Christi to learn more about their programs, philosophy, and how they can help you and your loved ones achieve your goals.

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Looking for more options? You can find these six youth sports camps and more on Camps With Friends!

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