Summer Camps Near Me in Chicago, IL
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Summer Camps Near Me in Chicago, IL

Who doesn't love camp?
Camp is a fun way to spend your summer, and it's also a great place to meet new friends and learn new things. For many kids, going to camp is an annual tradition that they look forward to every year.
We know it can be hard to figure out where to send your kids when you're not around. We've got you covered with all the information you'll need about the best camps in and around Chicago.
The best part about camps is that they are available all over the country there's no reason why you can't find one near Chicago! Before you go browsing through our explore page, check out these 3 camps in Chicago. 

WorldWise Touring

WorldWise Touring is a top summer camp in Chicago, IL. It offers a variety of fun and educational activities for students aged 7-16.
WorldWise Touring provides a fun learning environment where students can explore the world through travel and play. Their goal is to help your child develop an appreciation for different cultures and traditions by providing them with unique opportunities to learn about new places and people. They strive to make sure that each student has an unforgettable experience during their time at this camp!
WorldWise Touring, believes that travel is one of the best ways to learn about other cultures and countries. That’s why they offer a variety of trips throughout the summer, from day trips within Illinois to international excursions! They know how important it is for children to be able to see the world around them, so they have made it their mission to provide them with these opportunities. This way, they can become more knowledgeable about everything around them.
The campers will be able to experience everything from bike tours around Chicago's city streets to visiting museums in other countries! These camps are perfect for children who love traveling and learning new things and parents who want their children to have unforgettable experiences!
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School of Rock Andersonville

School of Rock Andersonville is located in Chicago IL and offers summer camp programs for kids ages 7-17. They offer one-on-one lessons and group classes, so whether you want to learn guitar by yourself or with a friend, they've got you covered! 
These camps are split up into three levels: Beginner Camp, Intermediate Camp, and Advanced Camp. So, whether you're brand new to music or have been playing for years already, there's something here for everyone! They also have specialty camps like "Pop Star Camp" and "Rock Star Camp," which focus on specific genres of music!
At the School of Rock, they believe everyone has a song in them. If you've got the right instruction, you can learn to play it. That's why they offer lessons on everything from guitar and bass to drums, keyboards, and vocals. Their instructors are all music professionals who have been teaching for years. They know how to help you find your voice and express yourself through your instrument.

Cirques Experience

If you're looking for summer camps in Chicago, IL that will give your child the chance to explore their creativity, build confidence, and have fun, look no further than Cirques Experience!
Cirques Experience is a week-long camp that gives kids the opportunity to explore a variety of fun activities including circus arts, gymnastics, dance, and more. Campers will participate in daily activities that include:
- Juggling
- Trapeze
- Stilts
- Partner acrobatics
- Tightrope walking
Campers will learn how to work together as they try new things and make lasting friendships with other kids who love to have fun. They'll also get plenty of time to play outside in the massive playground with all kinds of equipment designed specifically for their age group. They even provide snacks and lunches, so you don't have to worry about packing anything! This is truly an experience your child will never forget!
In addition to learning about the fun stuff, you'll also get tips on how to stay safe while doing these tricks. You'll learn how to avoid injuries like broken bones or sprains, so you can keep your kids safe while they're having fun!

Wrapping Up These Chicago, IL Summer Camps

The summer camps in Chicago, IL are a great way to enjoy the summer and learn new skills. It is important to find a camp that fits your needs and interests. Some of the most popular activities include art, sports, music, and theater.
Summer camps are available for children ages 5-17 years old. The cost varies depending on what type of camp you choose and how many days you attend. Summer camp is an excellent opportunity for kids to meet new friends while participating in fun activities they enjoy.
The best part about summer camp is that it offers something for everyone regardless of age or skill level. If you have an active child who loves playing outside then they will love summer camp!
Summer camp allows children to spend time with other kids while having fun outdoors doing different activities such as swimming or hiking through nature trails! If you want to get out of the house, check out these six summer camps near you.