Camp Kind: The Ultimate Summer Day Camp Experience in Westminster
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Camp Kind: The Ultimate Summer Day Camp Experience in Westminster

Summer is a season of adventure, fun, and discovery, especially for kids who long for activities that stretch their imaginations, spark their curiosity, and enrich their hearts. Nestled in the heart of Westminster, Colorado, Camp Kind stands as a beacon of such enriching summer experiences. Unlike any traditional summer day camp, Camp Kind offers a transformative journey that combines the joys of childhood summer with the profound impact of volunteering and personal growth.

A Unique Summer Day Camp Experience

At the core of Camp Kind's philosophy is the belief that children can learn the importance of kindness, community service, and environmental stewardship while having the time of their lives. This isn’t your average camp; it’s a place where summer fun meets meaningful philanthropy. From nurturing local non-profits to hands-on animal care and environmental conservation, Camp Kind introduces campers to a diverse range of volunteer field trips designed to inspire a lifelong commitment to giving back.

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Daily Activities That Make a Difference

Each day at Camp Kind is meticulously planned to ensure that your child receives a balanced mix of educational workshops, outdoor adventures, and creative play. The camp operates Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 3:30 pm, with options for before and after care, making it convenient for working parents. The weekly rates are reasonable, and discounts are available for siblings and multiple weeks of enrollment.

With a location at 4505 W 112th Ave in Westminster, its setting is ideal for both urban and nature-related activities. The heart and soul of Camp Kind lie in its dedicated staff, carefully selected for their warmth, enthusiasm, and ability to connect with children, ensuring that each camper receives personalized care and attention.

Volunteering: A Path to Growth

The volunteer field trips are a cornerstone of the Camp Kind experience. Children visit local non-profits to provide hands-on assistance, gaining an understanding of the various ways organizations support our community. These experiences are complemented by in-camp kindness workshops and nature programs, where campers engage in activities like assembling care packages for underprivileged families or learning about local wildlife.

Enriching Activities for Every Interest

Apart from its philanthropic mission, Camp Kind is dedicated to ensuring that campers have an abundance of fun. Sports, arts and crafts, camp-themed days, and weekly fun trips provide a balanced and exciting summer experience. Highlights include an onsite inflatable obstacle course, a water slide, and a jumping castle that promise endless fun and laughter.

The camp is thoughtfully divided into two divisions: the Junior Division for grades K - 1 and the Explorer Division for grades 2 - 8. Each division is tailored to provide age-appropriate activities and volunteer opportunities, ensuring that every child finds joy and fulfillment in their summer camp experience.

Building a Lasting Impact

The feedback from parents underscores the transformative impact of Camp Kind. Families rave about the camp's success in teaching the values of generosity, compassion, and community service — principles that align with many family values. Stories of children coming home with new skills, friendships, and a renewed sense of purpose are a testament to the camp's significant influence on young minds.

A Summer to Remember

At Camp Kind, every activity, from the volunteer field trips to the water slides, is designed with a deeper purpose: to instill kindness, character, and a love for the community in every camper. This summer day camp goes beyond the typical by offering a journey of personal growth and fun, wrapped in the warm embrace of a supportive staff and a welcoming camp atmosphere.

In a world in need of kindness and community spirit, Camp Kind represents a beacon of hope for the next generation. As your children embark on this unique summer adventure, they aren’t just signing up for a camp; they’re stepping into a role as young ambassadors of change, equipped with the tools, knowledge, and heart to make a difference in the world around them.

This summer, give your child the gift of Camp Kind, where fun meets kindness, and every day is an opportunity to learn, grow, and contribute to a better world. Welcome to the ultimate summer day camp experience in Westminster, Colorado. Welcome to Camp Kind.

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