Top 5 Denver Colorado Summer Camps
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Top 5 Denver Colorado Summer Camps

Whether you are trying to find a new Summer Camp in Denver Colorado for your kids or you want to take a Summer Camp yourself, there are plenty of options to choose from here. So be sure to take your little one on a memorable adventure this summer. Denver is a place where white sandy beaches and snow-capped peaks meet, a playground for adventure seekers and mountain climbers. When you start looking into some of the themes and ideas that certain camps offer, you just might need to make two trips - one for the kids and one for yourself! Check out these five unique summer camps:

Top 5 Summer Camps

Discover Camp Telaphiba: A Premier Dance Summer Camp in Denver, Colorado

Nestled amidst the stunning landscapes of Denver, Colorado, Camp Telaphiba is an exceptional dance summer camp that brings together a perfect blend of movement, creativity, and adventure. Our mission is to provide campers with a transformative dance experience, equipping them with not only the technical expertise but also the life skills they need to excel in their personal and artistic journeys.

At Camp Telaphiba, dance is at the very core of our programming. Led by skilled instructors, our campers learn various dance styles, tailor-made to challenge and invigorate the aspiring dancers. We fully cater to your child's needs, taking into account varying skills and interests to ensure holistic development.

But dance is just the beginning. Camp Telaphiba also offers an awe-inspiring array of both outdoor and artistic pursuits, all designed to strengthen community bonds, foster personal growth, and create lifelong memories.


So, if you're looking for a comprehensive and inspiring dance summer camp experience for your child, look no further than Camp Telaphiba – the ultimate destination for dance and adventure in Denver, Colorado.

Camp Granite Lake

At Camp Granite Lake, we boast an exceptional team of seasoned professionals committed to facilitating a one-of-a-kind overnight summer camp experience. Our staff members, who are educators, mentors, and life enthusiasts, serve as the bedrock of our programs and the camp’s spirit. Their energy, combined with a sublime backdrop of placid lake waters and towering pines, crafts an atmosphere ripe for adventure, learning, and personal growth.
Camp Granite Lake Sailing-1

Setting foot at Camp Granite Lake, or even just envisaging a day here, is like stepping into a coming-of-age tale. It is where joyous laughter echoes across the valleys, friendships are fortified through shared experiences, and the essence of childhood is celebrated in its purest form. Camp Granite Lake represents the heart of sleepaway summer camps: fun, freedom, and transformative experiences. View Profile For More Information.

Rosalina Harp, Voice & Piano Academy

Dive into music-making at Rosalani Harp, Voice & Piano Academy's summer camps! What could be better than an endless summer of playing outside, eating popsicles, and splashing around in the pool?

That's where Rosalani Harp, Voice & Piano Academy Summer Camps come in. Whether your child is learning how to play the harp for the first time or honing their skills on the piano, these camps are specially catered to their age level and ability so they can get the most out of their week with Rosalani Harp, Voice & Piano Academy. These camps are available for ages 7-17. This is a day camp only, so every night you can go home to your family, with new friends and a whole lot of new songs in your heart!


Therapeutic Horseback Riding Camp

The Therapeutic Horseback Riding Camp in Denver Colorado is a wonderful opportunity for children with disabilities to learn about horses, strengthen their bodies and minds, and make new friends.

Children ages 6-12 can participate in this day camp, where they will ride horses, care for horses, and enjoy activities like arts and crafts. The riding portion of the program is perfect for improving balance, strength, and motor skills. And all of our instructors know to help your child engage with the activity in a way that will be enjoyable for them.

The Therapeutic Horseback Riding Camp in Denver Colorado is a great opportunity for your child to spend their summer having fun while learning a new skill.


Benefits of Summer Camp for Kids 

When your child attends summer camp, it allows them to make friends with other kids in their age group. They'll likely meet people from all over the country and even other parts of the world.

The experience of being away from home for an extended period can teach a lot about independence and self-reliance.

Kids will learn how to get along with people they don't necessarily like but still need each other’s help to survive. They'll also figure out how to entertain themselves without any adult supervision or technology at hand like cell phones or video games.


Final Thoughts:

We hope you enjoyed our list of the 5 Best Denver Colorado Summer Camps. As you can see, Denver has a lot to offer families interested in summer camps. In the end, deciding on the right Denver Colorado Summer Camp for your child will have to be based on their personal needs and desires. There is no one best camp for everyone, but hopefully, this article has helped you narrow down the search. You should now have a great idea of what each of these five best Denver summer camps brings to the table, as well as a few highlighted qualities that make each stand out from their peers.