Top 6 Texas Hill Country Summer Camps for 2024 & beyond.
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Top 6 Texas Hill Country Summer Camps for 2024 & beyond.


As summertime approaches and the hustle of everyday life continues, it's that time of year when parents start seeking out the perfect place for their children to spend their sunny days flourishing. In today's world, it's crucial to provide kids with an opportunity to nurture their minds, bodies, and souls outside of their usual environment. Fortunately, there's no shortage of incredible summer camps in the heart of the Texas Hill Country that do just that.

In partnership with Camps With Friends, we've rounded up a list of the best summer camps in the area that offer a life-transforming experience for every child. Not only are these summer camps providing children a chance to escape their routine and uncover new passions, but they are also a goldmine when it comes to creating cherished memories and lasting friendships.

To ensure that you find the ideal fit for your child, Camps With Friends offers a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate directory of summer camps of all kinds, all at no cost to parents. So, sit back, and let's explore the top summer camps in Texas Hill Country that are sure to provide an unforgettable experience, personal growth, and innumerable adventures for your child.

Heart O' the Hills is dedicated to providing the ultimate girls' summer camp experience since 1953. Nestled in the Texas Hill Country, Heart O' the Hills is an oasis that fosters a positive and inviting atmosphere for girls to freely explore, develop, and grow. At the heart of this exceptional camp is a commitment to helping girls build self-esteem, independence, and leadership - attributes that will shape them into strong, confident individuals. View Profile.
The camp offers a plethora of activities tailored for each camper, including horseback riding, swimming, tennis, arts and crafts, and much more. The experienced and caring staff ensures that the girls receive specialized attention, promoting interpersonal growth and lifelong connections. At Heart O' the Hills, campers not only express themselves but also forge unforgettable bonds with peers who share similar interests.

The environment provided by Heart O' the Hills seeks to empower girls by exposing them to a world of opportunities and challenges - an experience that goes beyond the camp's gates. With a focus on personal growth, every camper can explore, experiment, and establish a sense of self in a safe and nurturing environment. Heart O' the Hills is not just a summer camp; it's a transformative experience that remains cherished for a lifetime.

Camp Balcones Springs is a dynamic Christian summer camp located within the picturesque Texas Hill Country. The camp's mission revolves around offering a life-changing and enriching summer experience - one that imbues campers with a profound connection to God, nature, and others. Camp Balcones Springs is open for children between the ages of 7 and 17, enriching their lives through camaraderie, adventure, and personal growth. View Profile.

Surrounded by nature's bounty, campers partake in an array of activities that encourage physical fitness, teamwork, and lifelong bonds. From water sports to horse-riding, nature hikes to leadership training, there's never a dull moment at Camp Balcones Springs. The highly skilled staff provides campers with guidance, fellowship, and an unwavering sense of community.


The emphasis on maintaining spiritual balance is evident throughout the camp, shaping not only the activities but also the attitudes and values of campers. With strong biblical teachings and a focus on personal growth, children are empowered to confidently face life's challenges. Camp Balcones Springs is a transformative experience, instilling a deep sense of purpose, joy, and fellowship in every camper's heart.

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Hill Country Camp provides an unrivaled summer camp experience with a mission to cultivate the individual interests and passions of each camper. The camp provides a variety of programs— ranging from sports to outdoor activities, arts to science— so that each camper can explore and nurture their unique talents, strengths, and passions. View profile.

Hill Country Camp promises an unforgettable summer through enriching activities that cater to both individual and group interests. With offerings such as swimming, horseback riding, rock climbing, and theatre, each camper is guaranteed to find their niche and have a rewarding summer. Besides these engaging programs, the camp also prioritizes fostering connections between campers.


The experienced and dedicated staff at Hill Country Camp consistently invest in the personal growth and well-being of each camper. They work tirelessly to encourage campers to push their boundaries in a safe and nurturing environment. Ultimately, Hill Country Camp's inviting atmosphere stimulates personal growth, collective learning, and the discovery of a love for lifelong adventure.

Camp Rio Vista, a prestigious all-boys summer camp in the Texas Hill Country, has been redefining the traditional summer camp experience for boys since 1921. This camp, which stretches across 100 acres of scenic Texan wilderness, embodies the adventurous spirit and enthusiasm that appeals to boys seeking action, adventure, and personal growth. View profile.

At Camp Rio Vista, boys between the ages of 6 and 16 can partake in a range of adrenaline-pumping activities and unique experiences such as archery, canoeing, riflery, ropes courses, and land sports. With a low camper-to-staff ratio, each boy benefits from personal attention and mutual support, fostering a special bond between campers and counselors. This tight-knit community encourages boys to build self-confidence, character, and strong friendships that last a lifetime.


The dedicated mentors at Camp Rio Vista instill the core values of integrity, respect, and sportsmanship, guiding campers through a summer of growth, camaraderie, and independence. With an emphasis on the development of life skills and personal growth, the camp prepares the boys to excel not just in the summer, but in life beyond the camp's gates. Camp Rio Vista is the quintessential boys' summer camp where fun, personal growth, and lifelong friendships thrive.

LoneHollow Ranch, set within the Texas Hill Country's breathtaking landscape, is a premier co-ed summer camp that emphasizes youth development and character building. With a capacity of 300 campers, it strikes the perfect balance between intimacy and excitement, fostering strong connections and unforgettable experiences for boys and girls aged 7 to 16. View profile.

LoneHollow Ranch is home to a powerful selection of outdoor activities and adventures like horseback riding, water sports, hiking, and much more. Trained and enthusiastic staff members create a supportive environment, encouraging campers to take risks, engage in teamwork, and develop their strengths. With a favorable counselor-to-camper ratio, the camp ensures close attention and guidance for every camper, facilitating friendships, growth, and the development of crucial social and emotional skills.


The LoneHollow experience aims to nurture independence, resilience, and curiosity in every camper, developing the essential traits that contribute to success in all facets of life. From the first campfire to the last, each moment is designed to create unforgettable memories that last a lifetime. With its strong commitment to personal growth and self-discovery, LoneHollow Ranch is the perfect place for campers to find themselves and create an impactful foundation for their futures.

Situated in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Camp Stewart stands as an emblem of tradition and timeless values. This all-boys summer camp, over 100 years old, has mastered the art of tailoring an unforgettable, activity-rich experience that fosters personal development, camaraderie, and fun. View profile.

At Camp Stewart, boys from age 6 to 16 reveil in an array of engaging activities ranging from horseback riding, swimming, and crafts to sports, canoeing, and even rock climbing. With a focus on ethics, respect, and sportsmanship, Camp Stewart doesn't only provide an outlet for summer enjoyment but also equips boys with lifelong lessons and values.


Each summer's staff consists of carefully chosen individuals who exhibit the spirit, character, and energy that have long been associated with the Camp Stewart name. These mentors provide personalized guidance and care to the campers. With its rich history and commitment to each camper's personal and social development, Camp Stewart is more than a summer getaway – it's a home away from home, where boys grow into well-rounded individuals.

In the unique and stunning landscape of the Texas Hill Country, Camp La Junta fosters brotherhood and camaraderie amongst boys aged 7-16. This all-boys summer camp goes beyond fun activities, placing utmost importance on developing character and leadership. View profile.

Camp La Junta offers a diverse range of programs that focus on instilling confidence, enhancing social skills, nurturing physical abilities, and ultimately, fostering well-rounded individuals. Campers enjoy activities like horse riding, river canoeing, adventuring on ropes courses, and swimming.


The camp prides itself in creating an environment that provides individual attention to each boy, provided by a mature and committed staff. The personal growth program, combined with the outdoor challenges embraced at Camp La Junta, ensures that boys mature in many vital aspects. Years after leaving the camp, most campers attribute their success to their summer days spent at Camp La Junta.

Serving Texas for over 90 years, Camp Mystic is a private Christian summer camp for girls. This beloved establishment offers a unique blend of faith, fun, and fellowship, cultivating an environment that fosters growth in character, relationships, skills, and spirituality. View profile.

A myriad of activities including swimming, tennis, gymnastics, canoeing, archery, and more await each camper at this exciting retreat. Each activity is artfully chosen to teach important values like teamwork, resilience, and communication, while also encouraging the girls to unlock their full potential and discover their passions.


Camp Mystic brings together a diverse community of friendly and enthusiastic staff members who dedicate themselves to nurturing the girls' faith and personal development. With an immense emphasis on sisterhood, girls develop strong bonds through shared activities and experiences, and often form friendships that last a lifetime.

Nestled in the heart of the Texas Hill Country, Camp Waldemar has been a landmark institution in summer camps for girls for almost a century. The camp is deeply rooted in Christian values and teachings, while offering countless opportunities for fun, exploration, and personal growth. View Profile.

Nestled on the Guadalupe River, Camp Waldemar's captivating natural environment provides girls with an array of exhilarating outdoor activities. These range from horseback riding, hiking, and water sports to arts and drama. Each activity serves to build self-confidence, resilience, and spirituality while fostering an appreciation for nature and the outdoors.


Camp Waldemar's staff are devoted role models who insist upon fostering an environment where every girl feels supported and loved. By building on this philosophy, the camp ensures that every girl's Waldemar experience is filled with joy, character development, new experiences, and lasting friendships.

As we've discovered through these present-day treasure troves of growth and exploration, summer camps provide so much more than just a break for your children. Each camp experience instills vital life skills, such as resilience, teamwork, leadership, and independence, that stay with young people long after they wave goodbye to the picturesque Texas Hill Country landscapes.

The beauty of these summer camps is their emphasis on holistic development – the blend of mental, physical, and emotional experiences that shape the bright leaders of tomorrow. These experiences ignite a newfound love for adventure, kindle enduring friendships, and, most significantly, promote self-discovery.

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Feel free to explore more by visiting the thoughtfully curated selection of blogs dedicated to Texas on our website. Whatever your child's interest or age, there's a treasure chest of memories waiting to be unlocked in the Texas Hill Country camps.

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