Unforgettable Dance Camp: Step into Camp Telaphiba's Story
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Unforgettable Dance Camp: Step into Camp Telaphiba's Story

Hello, camp families!

We had a chance to chat with Lisa from Camp Telaphiba, and gosh, does she have some stories to share. This summer, your kids could be part of the next chapter.


From The First Pirouette: Camp Telaphiba's Journey

Lisa's love for dance and kids sparked an idea—a summer camp that's as much about pliés as it is about personal growth. The history of Camp Telaphiba is a dance in itself, one that began on a small stage but dreamed of the great outdoors of Colorado. Through passion and pirouettes, this dance camp has grown into a community treasure where kids learn much more than just dance routines.

A Shared Beat of Change: The Dance Camp Impact

During our heart-to-heart, Lisa shared how they're shaking up the summer camp scene in Colorado—one dance step at a time. "It’s hard to find an overnight camp here," she explained, "and that's what makes Telaphiba so special." With fewer than 10% of kids in the U.S. diving into the residential camp experience, Lisa feels it's crucial to extend this opportunity to more families.

Real Connections, Real Growth

The real story, Lisa says, is in the transformation she sees in her campers. There's this kid from Florida, for example. She came to Telaphiba and discovered a whole new world, helping both her confidence and dance skills soar. By the end of summer, her family was so inspired by her growth, they packed up and relocated to Colorado to keep that camp vibe going year-round. Learn about other dance summer camp benefits for kids and teens.

It's All About The Kids

For Lisa and for us at Camps With Friends, it's all about the kids. "We see them light up, disconnect from technology, and make real friendships. It's like watching them come alive in a whole new way," she told us. And that's what we're here for – to make those connections possible.

Easy as a Click

Lisa's big on making Camp Telaphiba a breeze to join. Whether you're looking to dive into the full camp experience or start with something shorter, she's made the process super simple. "We want every family to feel welcome and every kid to find a place with us," she said. Explore the top 5 Denver, Colorado summer camps to have a fabulous experience.

Let’s Make This Summer Unforgettable

Intrigued? Excited? Both? Grab your spot by giving the Camp Telaphiba team a call at 720-580-2267 or dropping a friendly email to yourfriends@camptelaphiba.com.

Let's make this summer one for the storybooks. With every shuffle and leap, your child could be building the confidence and connections that'll last a lifetime. Why wait? The next great camp tale starts with you! 🎵🌟

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